Legal Smack
The comic series, Abashed Blue, is copyrighted by me, Neil Robbins II, so use your head! As for rules concerning the site, don't be stupid. Just follow them.

1) If you are going to link my site from your own, get my permission first.

2) You
may print out the pictures of characters, issue covers, etc. for your own personal use from this site. Just as long as you do not do it for money, sell them, or do it for for profit of any kind. And no money-making, either.

3) You must get my permission to use my pictures on your own site.

4) Downloaded comics are to remain as downloads. No printing, copying, etc. deleting is fine though. I won't care if you keep the files or share them with others. Just no money involved.

5) I'll only allow a person to download a maximum of two comics from me. No more, but less is fine. Don't bug me about comic downloads.

In closing, my comic is copyrighted! If you hesitiate about any action you think might conflict with this or the rules of the site, don't do it.
Any other questions can be sent to [email protected]
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