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You all know the Neil of Abashed Blue, right? And you also know he attends Clyde Middle School, right? If you didn't, then now you know. Anyway, CMS and Neil are based off of real stuff, so when I, The Neiler, attended the school I call CMS, I did some crazy stuff. I showed off my artistic abilities by drawing a picture and putting it on my folder every week, and every day I was allowed to recite what I like to call a "Quotidian Comment," more commonly known as a stupid comment. Those of you that recall me doing this, here's a list of all my folder pictures and comments from that year.
Keep an eye out, for I just might begin to put some more stuff up here...!
Quotidian Comments
Folder Pictures
May 19-23: The Abashed Blue
May 12-16: The Neiler viola pose
May 5-9: Koopa Bros.
April 28-May 2: Chains, Keys, and Crystal
April 21-25: Fox pose
April 14-18: Mario and Luigi with various items from Mario series
April 7-11: Majora's evil pose
March 31-April 4: Link with Wind Waker
March 24-28: Shadow's evil pose
March 10-14: Prof. Frink "that monkey is going to pay" background
March 3-7: GIR dancing
Feb. 24-27: Link (red tunic) fighting Volvagia
Feb. 17-21: Blue Eyes White Dragon
Feb. 10-14: Sonic and Amy (Valentines Day special pic)
February 3-7: Heavy Metal Rayman
Jan 27-31: Super Sonic vs. Hyper Knuckles comic cover
Jan. 20-24: Rayman with Razorbeard and Henchman 800
Jan. 13-17: Abashed Blue with Celestial Chains border
January 6-10, 2003: Sonic Mega Collection box art
April 4: Which way does a compass point in space? Are earthquakes on Mars called Marsquakes? If your standing on the sun, do you have a shadow?
April 3: Jack and Jill went up the hill and......Jill came tumbling after. The End.
~(Tim) Is that the same Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk?
`I do so believe it is.
~And Jack be Nimble? and Jack in the Box?
`Okay, I think it's time for your tranquilizer.
April 2:
What are you gonna do, send out the hounds? Or the bees? Or the hounds with bees in their mouthes so when they bark, they shoot bees at you? Or the bees with hounds in their mouthes so when they buzz they shoot hounds at you?
April 1: Your pants are on fire! see...that's a quote...okay, fine. If masochists like to torture themselves, then wouldn't not torturing themselves torture themselves?
March 31: Why is it that the Baa-Baa Black Sheep song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the ABC's all have the same tune? And speaking of the ABCs, do illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?
March 28: Assume cats always land on their feet, and buttered toast always lands butter-side-down. What happens if you tie buttered toast to a cat's back and drop it?
March 2
7: Why is it that when your pet gets fixed, it doesn't work anymore?
March 26:If the Flintstones existed before America, then why are there Flintstones' Christmas and Thanksgiving episodes?
March 25: If an ambulance is rushing to help someone, and they rune someone over on the way, do they stop to help the person they hit?
March 2
4: If you mate a bulldog and a shitzu, what do you call it?
March 1
4: (Tim) hurry up, slackers, we have to find out what pi equals before the day ends! What am I paying you for?
(Taylor) To find pi
(Simon) You're not paying me anything
(Neil) Well, ya kidnapped me, I remember it distinctly. With the grabbing, and the duct taping, and the tennis ball in the mouth th
at hurt mee....
March 11: Where did they keep termites on Noah's Ark? Woodpeckers?
March 10: If everyone in a room ran as fast as they could in a counterclockwise circle, would they go back in time?
March 5: If a bunch of cats jump on top of each other, is it still called a dog pile?
March 4: Why is there Canadian bacon on Hawaiian pizza?
3: Hypothetically speaking, if a SWAT team comprised entirly of koalas with flyswatters broke down your door, do they replace it later?
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