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Department of Economics
North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya (India)

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Faculty Members
Prof. SK Mishra
Prof. N Srivastav
Prof. ED Thomas
Prof. P Nayak
Dr. B Mishra
Dr. UK De
Dr. B Panda
Mr. S Umdor
Ms. W Tariang
Dr. PS Suresh

MPhil & PhD


Refresher Courses

MA/MSc. Syllabus
UG Syllabus


Thrust Areas


Staff :
G Pathaw
P Kharmalki
G Jyrwa




Established in 1974, the Department of Economics is in the School of Economics, Management and Information Sciences of the North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) at Shillong, Meghalaya, India. It offers MA/MSc (economics) programme at the Masters level and MPhil and PhD (economics) programmes at the research level. Research in Economics of North-Eastern Region of India and Institutional Economics has been a special involvement of the Department. It has contributed significantly to understanding the problems of the Economy of North-Eastern Region of India and evolving effective programmes and policies for their appropriate solution.

Admission to MA/MSc (economics) programme is given in July every year [Applications for admission to MA/MSc programme are invited sometime between April-June every year - mostly depending on publication of BA/BSc results of NEHU - and call for applications is duly advertised in newspapers and on website (click here)]. Our MA/MSc Programme characterises a 4-semesters course. The MA/Msc. Syllabus of the Department is revised generally every three years to keep it up-to-date. Departmental Seminars are a part of the academic programmes of the Department. Admission to MPhil and PhD programmes is given twice every year, once in each semester.

The Department has updated and restructured the Under-Graduate Syllabus (for BA/BSc, Economics programme in the colleges affiliated to NEHU) in the light of UGC Model curricula.

The Department conducts from time to time Refresher Courses for the teachers in Economics. Refresher Courses are open to the teachers of the University and the affiliated Colleges of the University as well as to the teachers of other universities/colleges.

The thrust areas of research in the Department are : Economics of NER, Rural Development, Institutional Economics, Poverty Studies, Industrial Economics, Econometrics and Agricultural Economics. Research publications by the faculty members of the Department in these areas are a significant contribution to the literature in economics in general and the economics of the North-Eastern Region in particular. The Department has also successfully completed a number of Research Projects and several other projects are ongoing.

The department contributed significantly to assessment and accreditation of the University (NEHU) by NAAC, Bangalore in 2000. It also hosted the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the University during 1998-2004.
Research Areas

Economics of NER

Institutional Economics

Rural Development

Poverty Studies


Industrial Economics

Environ- mental Economics

Computer Applications

Operations Research

Development Economics

Experimental Economics

Labour Economics

Public Economics

Economics of Information

Economics of Education

Economics of Law


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