Research Scholars
Department of Economics
North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, India

Sl # Scholar Research topic Supervisor(s) Admission date Registration Progress
01 Mr. Lathrang B. Buam Project Evaluation of the General Insurance Corporation of India: A Case Study of the Working of the New India Insurance Company Ltd. : (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 30.3.96 14.11.96 Registered
02 Mr. Phain Sing Nianglang A Spatio-Economic Analysis in Micro-Level Planning: A Case Study of Nongtrai Area in Meghalaya : (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 6.6.00 649 of 31.5.02 Registered
03 Mr. Kh. N. Vincent
(Name changed to
Mr. N. K. Haoshingnao)
Watershed Management in the North-Eastern Hill Region : (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 14.10.00 7.11.2001 Registered
04 Ms. Irabel Nongbri Employment of Resources in the Rural Meghalaya: A Case Study of the Khatar Shnong - Laitkroh Community & Rural Development Block : (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 11.6.01 749 of 30.5.2003 Registered
05 Mr. Temjenzulu Jamir Economics of Higher Education: Micro Analysis of Private Colleges in Nagaland : (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 18.11.02 753 of 30.5.2003 Registered
06 Mrs. G. Sara Lyndem An Economic Evaluation of the Performance of Public Sector Undertakings: A Case Study of Mawmluh-Cherra Cement Limited : (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 5.5.97 28.4.2000 Registered
07 Mr. Ricky Syngkon Development of Small-Sale Industries in Meghalaya: A Case Study of East Khasi Hills District: (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 9.11.98 1.10.1999 Registered
08 Mr. Ashutosh Dey Impact of Rural Development on Eradication of Poverty - A Case Study of Meghalaya : (PhD) Prof. ED Thomas 7.11.98 682 of 7.11.2001 Registered
09 Mr. Bitkupar Laitphlang Socio-Economic Study of Nongstoin Township in West Khasi Hills, Meghalaya : (PhD) Prof. ED Thomas 7.12.01 751 of 30.5.03 Registered
10 Mrs. Ajanta Deb (Kar) Interlinkage Between Development and the Environment: A Case Study of West Garo Hills District (Meghalaya) : (PhD) Prof. ED Thomas 7.6.02 750 of 30.5.03 Registered
10 Mr. Joydeep Goswami Size and Performance of the Firms: A Case Study of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry : (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 10.4.95 634 of 10.5.2001 Registered
12 Mr. Lesterlyn Pathaw Child Labour and Demand for Schooling in Rural India : (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 1.5.99 670 of 29.10.2002 Registered
13 Mr. Sumarbin Umdor An Assessment of the Self-Help Groups Credit Programme in Meghalaya : (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 6.5.2000 764 of 20.10.2003 Registered
14 Mr. Daminot M. Syiem Understanding the Level of Development in Meghalaya (with Special Focus on Human Development) : (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 14.10.00 668 of 29.10.2002 Registered
15 Ms. Wandinecia Tariang Poverty and other Socio-Economic Characteristics of Female-Headed Households: A Case Study of the East Khasi District of Meghalaya : (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 11.6.01 669 of 29.10.2002 Registered
16 Mr. Randal D. Rngad Poverty, Inequality and Level of Living in Rural Meghalaya: A Case Study of East Khasi Hills District. : (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 7.12.01 671 of 29.10.2002 Registered
17 Mrs. Kimkhohoi Baite Tribal Land use Pattern and Its Impact on the Socio-Economic Conditions in the Hills of Manipur : (PhD) Dr. B Mishra 12.5.98 28.10.1998 Registered
18 Mr. Lambodar Rout The Impact of Coal Mining and Trading on the Economy of Meghalaya: A Case Study of Jaintia Hills District : (PhD) Dr. Gurudas Das 7.12.01 714 of 29.10.2002 Registered
19 Mr. Rajesh Dutta Social Capital and Economic Development: The Meghalaya Experience : (PhD) Dr. Gurudas Das 22.5.98 763 of 20.10.2003 Registered
20 Mr. Banshan K. Nongkhlaw Sustainable Development in India: A Case Study of Meghalaya : (PhD) Dr. P Nayak 7.12.01 752 of 30.5.2003 Registered
21 Ms. Sunita Lama Human Development in Meghalaya: A Case Study of Taxi Drivers in Shillong City : (PhD) Dr. P Nayak 21.6.02 765 of 20.10.2003 Registered
22 Mr. Shaikupar A.Kharshiing Urban Drinking Water Management: A Case Study of Shillong : (PhD) Dr. UK De 7.12.01 748 of 30.5.2003 Registered
23 Mr. Wallamlaibor Lyngkhoi Population, Poverty and the Degradation of Forest: A Contemporary Analysis of Meghalaya : (PhD) Dr. UK De 6.5.03 832 of 28.4.2004 Registered
24 Ms. Ruchi Mehta An Economic Study of Land Productivity in Rajasthan : (PhD) Dr. UK De 23.4.99 475 of 28.4.2000 Registered
25 Mr. Md. Abdul G. Dewan (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 14.10.2000
26 Mr. Peteville Khatsu (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 14.10.2000
27 Ms. Suatula Longkumer (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 19.05.2003
28 Mr. Biswanath Khailar (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 21.05.2004
29 Mr. Gilbert Mawrie (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 05.05.1997
30 Mr. S. Vidyasharan Nair (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 06.05.2000
31 Mr. Bashai K. Wanswett (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 14.10.2000
32 Mr. Badondor Syiem (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 14.10.2000
33 Mr. Shiv K. Pradhan (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 13.04.1998
34 Ms. Monica Singh (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 06.05.2000
35 Ms. Mitali Dey (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 27.08.2004
36 Ms. Mayashree B. Das (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 09.05.20003
37 Ms. Anupama Paudal (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav
38 Ms. Paleishisha Nongkhlaw (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 12.11.2003
39 Mr. K. Surya Prakash (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 16.04.1999
40 Mr. Sumanta Kr. Mahapatra (PhD) Prof. N Srivastav 03.11.2000
41 Ms. Alice Pongener (PhD) Prof. ED Thomas 30.10.2000
42 Ms. Sangeeta Dasgupta (PhD) Prof. ED Thomas 08.05.2003
43 Mr. Sumanta Kar Mahapatra (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 14.10.2000
44 Mr. Rewelhi Kronu (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 14.10.2000
45 Mr. Zarenthung Ezung (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 13.05.2004
46 Ms. Deigracia Nongkynrih (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 23.07.2003
47 Ms. Kadambari Rana (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 06.05.2004
48 Ms. Minakshi Chakravarty (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 27.10.2003
49 Ms. Veronica Pala (PhD) Dr. A Dubey 07.05.2004
50 Mr. Sumanta Kar Mahapatra (PhD) Dr. B Mishra 14.10.00
51 Mrs. Sheela Kushwaha (PhD) Dr. B Mishra 11.06.2001
52 Ms. Dakabiang Mukhim (PhD) Dr. B Mishra 11.06.2001
53 Ms. Ornella D. Pathaw (PhD) Dr. B Mishra 11.05.2004
54 Mr. Sunaram Mawlong (PhD) Dr. B Mishra 12.05.2004
55 Ms. Dapbiang Nongkynrih (PhD) Dr. B Mishra 05.05.2003
56 Ms. Anamika Barua (PhD) Dr. B Mishra 26.06.2001
57 Mr. Mriganda Saikia (PhD) Dr. Gurudas Das 07.12.2001
58 Ms. Namrata Joshi (PhD) Dr. Gurudas Das 14.05.2003
59 Mr. Amit Majumdar (PhD) Dr. Gurudas Das 06.05.2004
60 Mr. Konthoujam G. Singh (PhD) Dr. Gurudas Das 06.05.2004
61 Mr. Readingstar J. Nongbri (PhD) Dr. Gurudas Das 10.11.2003
62 Mr. Samar Ch. Deb (PhD) Dr. Gurudas Das 15.09.2004
63 Mr. Vijendra Kr. Sharma (PhD) Dr. P Nayak 30.10.1999
64 Mr. Sunday Manners (PhD) Dr. P Nayak 12.05.2003
65 Mr. Keshab Basumatari (PhD) Dr. P Nayak 10.11.2003
66 Mr. Manjeet Das (PhD) Dr. UK De 04.02.2002
67 Mr. Kundan Tiwari (PhD) Dr. UK De 21.06.2002
68 Ms. Josephine C. Blah (PhD) Dr. UK De 12.05.2004
69 Ms. Basumarlin Kurkalang (PhD) Dr. UK De 07.05.2004
70 Mr. Jerrymaya Lyngdoh (PhD) Dr. UK De 23.04.2004
71 Ms. Moon Moon Hussain (PhD) Dr. PS Suresh 08.9.2004
72 Ms. Ibandalin Wanswett (PhD) Dr. B Panda 11.05.2004
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