Department of Economics
North-Eastern Hill University
Shillong, Meghalaya (India)

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Doctoral Dissertations
Sl # Scholar Research topic Supervisor(s) Awarded
01 MK Sukumaran Nair Agrarian Relations and Transition in Meghalaya : (PhD) Prof. T Mathew 1984
02 Veena Goel Price and Output Movement of Agro-based Industries in Indial : (PhD) Prof. Shri Prakash 1986
03 Donkupar Roy Configuration of Poverty in the Border Area of Meghalaya - A Case Study of Shella : (PhD) Prof. SN Guhathakurta 1987
04 Tlang Lawma Market Imperfections and Manpower Planning - A Case Study of Methodological and Conceptual Problems with Special Reference to North East India : (PhD) Prof. Shri Prakash 1988
05 Keya Sengupta Determinants of Prices in India - A Case Study of Agro-linked Industries in India: (PhD) Prof. Shri Prakash 1992
06 Gitashree Das Study of Some Estimations in Double Samplings : (PhD) Prof. K Bez 1992
07 Petunia Kharwanlang Optimal Use of Transport Network with Special Reference to Shillong Urban Road Transportation : (PhD) Prof. K Bez 1993
08 Eugene D Thomas Rural Employment/Unemployment in Comprehensive Accounting Framework : A Case Study of Rural Areas of Meghalaya : (PhD) Prof. M Lalwani 1995
09 Tarujyoti Buragohain Agricultural Development, Marketed Surplus and Prices of Foodgrains in Indian Economy : (PhD) Prof. T Lawma &
Prof. Shri Prakash
10 Gorkey Borgohain Comparative Study in Agricultural Productivity : A Case Study with Special Reference to Nagaon District of Assam : (PhD) Prof. K Bez 1996
11 Jaya Gupta Choudhury Pollution Dispersion Matrix of Transport : A Case Study of Meghalaya : (PhD) Prof. K Bez 1996
12 Soma Sen An Econometric Analysis of Demand and Supply of Public Transportation in Shillong : (PhD) Prof. K Bez 1997
13 Sumitra Chowdhury Theories of the Firm and Product Pricing of Chemical and Engineering Industries of India : (PhD) Dr. N Srivastav &
Prof. Shri Prakash
14 Abdur Razzaque Demand for Electricity in Assam with Special Reference to Urban Areas : (PhD) Prof. K Bez 1997
15 Rupam K Brahma Demand of Petroleum Products in Assam : A Case Study of Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon and Dhubri Districts (Assam) : (PhD) Prof. K Bez 1998
16 Bijit K Dutta A Study on Theories of Sharecropping with Evidence from Karimganj District of Assam : (PhD) Prof. M Lalwani &
Dr. ED Thomas
17 Natalie West Development of Banking and Financial Institutions in Meghalaya since 1972 : (PhD) Prof. PM Passah 2001
18 Evakorlang Kharkongor Budgetary Trends of the Meghalaya Government Finances 1972-1993 to 1997-1998 : (PhD) Prof. PM Passah 2001
19 Niewkor Syngkon Agricultural Credit in Ri Bhoi District of Meghalaya - A Case Study of Four Villages : (PhD) Prof. PM Passah 2001
20 SR Zonunthara Working of Public Distribution System in Mizoram : (PhD) Prof. T Lawma 2001
21 BK Zamir Pattern of Land Use in Nagaland with Special Reference to Conservation, Management and Development of Land Resources : (PhD) Prof. T Lawma 2002
22 Zumomo Ovung Political Economy of Tax Efforts and Expenditure in Nagaland : (PhD) Dr. B Mishra 2003
23 ML Ngullie
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Quality of Life in Dimapur and its Periphery : (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 2003
24 E. Nongbri Growth, Pattern and Determinants of Public Expenditure in Meghalaya : (PhD) Dr. B Mishra 2003
25 Kevizakie Rio Private Schooling Industry: A Survey in Kohima Town of Nagaland : (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra
& Dr. B Mishra
26 JW Lyngskor Price Behaviour of Wage Goods and its Relationship with the Cost of Living of Unskilled Casual Workers in Shillong : (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 2004
27 Madhuchhanda Das Gupta Least Absolute Deviation Estimation of Multi-equation Linear Econometric Models : A Study based on Monte Carlo Experiments : (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 2005
28 C Lalmuankima Levels and Patterns of Living in Rural Mizoram - A Case Study of Lunglei District : (PhD) Prof. ED Thomas 2005
29 OJ Kharpuri Poverty, Inequality and Human Development in the North-Eastern Region of India : (PhD) Dr. AC Dubey 2005
30 Prasen Daimari A Study on Structure of the Economy of Udalguri Sub-Division, Assam : (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 2006
30 Temjenzulu Jamir Economics of Higher Education : Micro Analysis of Private Colleges in Nagaland : (PhD) Prof. SK Mishra 2007
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