Department of Economics
North-Eastern Hill University
Shillong, Meghalaya (India)

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M Phil Dissertations
Scholar Research topic Supervisor(s) Awarded
Alpana Nag Some Aspects of Employment and Unemployment - A Study in Cachar District of Assam : (MPhil) Dr. K Bez 1981
Sankar Kumar Ghosh Capital and Labour Coefficients in Small Scale Industries of Meghalaya - A Case Study of Inter-Firm Inter-Industry and Inter-Regional Variations : (MPhil) Dr. K Bez 1982
Ranjana Barua Determinants of Agricultural Output : (MPhil) Dr. K Bez 1985
Biswambhar Mishra Agricultural Taxation in Orissa (1970-1980) : (MPhil) Prof. T Mathew 1986
Dulal Chandra Roy Economic Development, Consumption Patterns and their Impact upon Ecological Balance with Special Reference to Forest-based Indusries - A Case Study of Shillong City : (MPhil) Prof. Shri Prakash 1986
Premananda Bora Impact of Mechanisation on Tea Industry Employment - A Case Study of two Tea Gardens of Sonitpur District of Assam : (MPhil) Prof. T Mathew 1986
Abdur Razzaque Demand of Domestic Fuel Consumption - A Case Study of Rangia Town : (MPhil) Dr. K Bez 1986
AK Medhi Problems of Urban Passenger Transportation - A Case Study of Subdivisional Town of Vishwanath Charali : (MPhil) Dr. K Bez 1987
DK Majumdar Evaluation of Public Expenditure on Health Facilities in Assam : (MPhil) Dr. SK Mishra 1987
Mrinal K Mitra The Nature and Significance of Rural Indebtedness : A Study with Special Reference to Scheduled Tribes of Assam : (MPhil) Dr. SK Mishra 1987
Banti Gogoi Howbora A Comparative Study of Tribal and Nontribal Agricultural Practices and its Effects on Agricultural Development : (MPhil) Dr. SK Mishra 1987
Premanada Howbora A Study of Agricultural Co-Operative Credit Societies in North Lakhimpur Sub-Division : (MPhil) Prof. T Mathew 1988
L Talukdar Raw Jute Marketing in Assam - A Case Study of Barpeta District : (MPhil) Dr. K Bez 1988
Sumitra Choudhury Levels and Patterns of the Forest-based Industries and their Impact upon Ecological Balance in Meghalaya : (MPhil) Prof. Shri Prakash 1988
Mayashree Bora Economics of Jhum Cultivation - A Case Study of Output, Marketed Surplus and Employment in Meghalaya : (MPhil) Prof. Shri Prakash 1988
Tarujyoti Buragohain Agricultural Development - A Study of Inter-Crop and Inter-Regional Variations in North-East India : (MPhil) Prof. Shri Prakash 1988
Lhingkhokim Kipgen The Economics of Private Schooling Industry : A Study of Shillong : (MPhil) Dr. SK Mishra 1988
Niewkor Syngkon Financing of Agricultural Operations - A Case Study of two Villages of East Khasi Hills District : (MPhil) Prof. T Mathew 1988
Y Satya Institutional Finance to the Industries of Meghalaya State : (MPhil) Prof. T Mathew 1988
Kankana Bhattacharjee A Study on the Methods of Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Public Policies : (MPhil) Dr. SK Mishra 1989
Ruma Paul A Study on Efficacy of Public Utilities and Services in Shillong : (MPhil) Dr. SK Mishra 1989
Rupam K Brahma Demand of Domestic Fuel Consumption in Assam - A Case Study of Kokrajhar District : (MPhil) Dr. K Bez 1990
Soma Sen Problems and Prospects of Rural Transportation in Meghalaya : (MPhil) Prof. K Bez 1990
G Sara Lyndem Performance of Public Sector Undertakings in Meghalaya - A Case Study with Reference to Mawluh Cherra Cement Limited : (MPhil) Prof. SN Guhathakurta 1991
Purushottam Bhandari The Contribution of Contemporary Economists - 1950-88 : (MPhil) Dr. PM Passah 1991
Sanchita Dutta Employment Growth in Meghalaya since 1976 : (MPhil) Prof. K Bez 1991
R Laluntluanga Demand and Supply of Technical Manpower - A Study with Special Reference to Doctors and Engineers in Mizoram : (MPhil) Dr. T Lawma 1991
Josephine C Blah Power Potentials and its Development in India : (MPhil) Prof. K Bez 1991
Debojani Naug A Study on Institutional Determinants of Production Function : (MPhil) Dr. SK Mishra 1991
Elibon Tariang Role of Commercial Banks in Regional Development - A Case Study of the Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya : (MPhil) Dr. PM Passah 1991
Prabhakar Singha An Approach to Planning for Development in Mayurbhanj District, Orissa: (MPhil) Dr. SK Mishra 1991
Magdalene Badwar Different Forms of Economic Systems in the World and Tribal Economy of North-East India : (MPhil) Dr. PM Passah 1991
JK Sahu An Evaluation of Family Planning Programme : A Case Study of Balasore District, Orissa : (MPhil) Dr. SK Mishra 1991
Nabajyoti Sarmah Socio-Economic Condition of LP School Teachers of Assam - A Case Study of Sibsagar Town : (MPhil) Dr. PM Passah 1991
Gorkey Borgohain Socio-Economic Life of the Scheduled Tribes of Assam - A Case Study of three Scheduled Tribes Villages in Hojai Sub-Division : (MPhil) Dr. PM Passah 1991
Pratap Chandra Nag Problems and Prospects of Agro-based Industries - A Case Study of Barpeta District of Assam : (MPhil) Prof. T Lawma 1991
Prokash Chandra Sarmah Financial Management of the Small Tea Growers in Assam - A Case Study of Undivided Sibsagar District : (MPhil) Prof. K Bez 1991
Tripti Mallika Baruah An Exploration in the Role of Faith as Contributory to Economic Prosperity : (MPhil) Prof. K Bez 1991
RK Phookan An Evaluation of the Poverty Alleviation Programmes to the Rural Poor in Assam - A Case Study of Sibsagar District : (MPhil) Prof. K Bez 1991
Rajib Dutta Majumder Marketing of Tea in Assam with Special Reference to Guwahati Tea Auction Centre : (MPhil) Dr. SK Mishra 1992
John Sona Tourism Industry in Assam : A Case Study of Sibsagar District: (MPhil) Dr. SK Mishra 1992
K Laldailova Pattern of Land Ownership in Mizoram - A Case Study of Aizawl District : (MPhil) Dr. T Lawma 1992
B Baruah Decentralised Planning in Assam - A Study of Sub-Divisional Planning in Sibsagar District: (MPhil) Prof. SN Guhathakurta 1992
B Dutta Tea Industry as Major Source of Employment in Assam - A Case Study of Karbi Anglong District : (MPhil) Dr. PM Passah 1992
Sumitra Patir Role of Non-Conventional Energy and Possibility of Substitution with Special Reference to Dhemaji District of Assam : (MPhil) Prof. K Bez 1993
Ajay K Choudhury Problems and Prospects of Energy Utilisation - A Case Study of Sohra Sub-Division (Cherrapunjee) in the District of East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya: (MPhil) Prof. K Bez 1993
Chandrima Sen Savings Behaviour of Indian Household Sector : (MPhil) Prof. SN Guhathakurta 1993
Madhuchhanda DasGupta Degree of Over-identification and its Effects on the Performance of Estimators : (MPhil) Prof. SK Mishra 1994
Neelakshi Medhi A Study on the Minimum Absolute Deviation Regression Estimator : (MPhil) Prof. SK Mishra 1994
Mukti Dolloi Cement Industry in Meghalaya - Problems and Prospects : (MPhil) Dr. PM Passah 1994
T Syama Sundar Gandhian Economic Ideals and Planned Economic Development of India: A Focus on Some Specific Aspects : (MPhil) Prof. SK Mishra 1994
SK Kar An Economic Study of the Variation in Agricultural Productivity in Orissa's Food Sector (1970-71 to 1988-89) : (MPhil) Prof. M Lalwani 1994
Laxmi K Singh Performance of Generalised Indirect Least Squares in Over-Identified Equation Estimation : A Monte Carlo Experiment : (MPhil) Prof. SK Mishra 1995
Mitali Dasgupta Performance of Power Sector in Meghalaya - An Analytical Study : (MPhil) Dr. N Srivastav 1995
Ashutosh Dey Inequalities in Consumption Expenditure in Rural NE States : (MPhil) Prof. T Lawma 1995
Joydeep Goswami Estimation of Buoyancy and Elasticity of Major State Taxes with Special Reference to Assam : (MPhil) Dr. AC Dube 1995
Evakorlang Kharkongor Attempting a Rationale for a Rethinking of Development in terms of Environmental Economics : (MPhil) Dr. PM Passah 1995
Abdus Shahid Study of the Trend, Composition and Determinants of Savings in India (1950-51 to 1991-92) : (MPhil) Dr. AC Dube 1995
Zothangliana Urban Land Use in Mizoram - A Study with Reference to Aizawl : (MPhil) Prof. T Lawma 1995
Kalpana Devi Problems and Prospects of Paper Industry of Assam - The Case Study of Nagaon Paper Mill: (MPhil) Prof. K Bez 1996
Sailendra K Deka Impact of Irrigation on Agricultural Production - A Case Study of Sonitpur District : (MPhil) Dr. MP Bezbaruah 1996
Hemlata Kakoti Employment Potential in Cottage Industries (Transitional) with Special Reference to Dhubri Sub-Division : (MPhil) Prof. K Bez 1996
Abdus S Choudhury Problems and Prospects of Rural Energy - A Case Study of Banskandi Development Block in the Cachar District of Assam : (MPhil) Prof. K Bez 1996
Juthika Barman Instability in Agriculture in Assam - An Inter-District Temporal Analysis of Foodgrain Crops : (MPhil) Prof. M Lalwani 1998
Simanta Poddar Population Structure of Assam from 1971 to 1991 : (MPhil) Prof. PM Passah 1998
Phain Singh Nianglang An Econometric Analysis of Agricultural Production Function in the Agrarian Economy of Meghalaya : A Case Study of five Villages : (MPhil) Prof. SK Mishra 1999
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