Dr. B Panda
Reader, Department of Economics, NEHU, Shillong
Phone 91-364-2230142(Res) , 91-364-2723184(Office) ,
Email: : [email protected]

*Post Doctoral research, January 2003-October 2003,. Regional and Rural Development Planning(RRDP)/School of Environment, Resources and Development , Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and Ph.D. program in Integrated Sciences, Thammasat University, Thailand;
Core Research: A comparative study of Rural Non-Farm Employment in Thailand and India.
* Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D) in Economics, 1997, Utkal University, India;
Specialisation : Urban Informal Sector;
Title of the thesis- 'Informal Manufacturing Sector in an Urban Economy -A Case Study of Cuttack in Orissa'
* Master of Philosophy(M.phil.) in Economics, 1990, Berhampur University, India, Title of Thesis-"Overdues in Cooperative Credit to Agriculture-A Case Study of Ganjam District in Orissa".
*Masters in Arts(M.A),1985; Ravenshaw college, India, Subject studied: Economics
*Bachelor of Arts(B.A.),1982, Ravenshaw college,India, Subject Studied: Economics

*Application of computer in social science research from Centre for Social Studies, Surat, India, from 28.1.02 to 6.2.02.
*Refresher course in Research Methodology in social science organised by central university, Hyderabad , India from 11.3.2001 to 31.3.2001
*Refresher course in Trade & Development in Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India, from 4.3.98 to 24.3.98
*Orientation course for lecturers in social science held in J.N.U, New Delhi, India, from 15.4.96 to 10.5.96.

Rural Non-Farm Sector in Asia, Urban Informal Sector, Economics of Development and Growth, Public Economics and Economics of Gender.

Research Publications
Journal Articles
*Urban Informal Producers and Nature of their Credit Structure: An Indian Case Study, Bangladesh Journal of Resources and Development, Vol. II, No. 1, Chittagong, Bangladesh, 2003.
*Rural-Non Farm Employment in India's North-East- Facts, Significance and Policy Implications: Journal of NEICSSR,vol.24, No.1, 2000, Shillong,India, p.p. 15-21.
*Growth, Composition and Determinants of Rural Non-Farm Employment in Arunachal Pradesh: The Indian Journal of Labour Economics, vol.42 No.2,1999,New Delhi.
*Growth of Farm and Non-Farm Employment in Arunachal Pradesh-A Case Study: Southern Economist, Vol.35,June,1996, Bangalore .
* The Growth, Nature and Dimension of Overdues in Cooperative Credit to Agriculture in Ganjam: Rainbow, Quarterly Cooperative Journal, The Orissa State Cooperative Union, June,1990. Bhubaneswar.

Book Chapters:
* Rural Industrial Employment in Arunachal Pradesh, 'Dimensions of Rural Development in North-East India' edited by B.Dutta Ray and Gurudas Das , Akanshya Publishers, New Delhi,2003.
* Forests and Forests Resources Management in India's North-East-Facts, Theory and Policy, "Management of Forest Resources in India's North-East', Omsons, New Delhi, 2001.
* Issues in Energy Supply and Demand Management- The Case of Arunachal Pradesh :"Energy and Energy Resource Management", edited by V.S.Mahajan, S.K. Agnihotri and R.P. Athparia, Deep and Deep, N.Delhi.1999.
* Status of and Sociological Constraints to Industrial Development in Arunachal Pradesh 'Sociological Constraints to Industrial Development in North-East', Concept, New Delhi,1998.
* Changing Facets of Agriculture in Arunachal Pradesh: 'Trends in Agrarian structure in the Hills of North-East India', edited by M.C Behera & N.C. Roy, Commonwealth Publishers, New Delhi,1997.

Book/Monographs Forthcoming
A Comparative Study of Rural Non-Farm Employment in India and Thailand.

*Completed a research project entitled"A Comparative Study of Rural Non-Farm Employment in India and Thailand" funded by Asian Scholarship Foundation, Bangkok.
*Completed a UGC,India, sponsored research project entitled, 'Dynamics of Rural Non-Farm Employment in Arunachal Pradesh- A case study of Lohit district' in October 1998.
* Work on another UGC, India, sponsored research project entitled "Urban Informal Manufacturing Sector in a Tribal Economy-A Case Study of Arunachal Pradesh" is in progress.

*Visiting fellow in the Program for Regional and Rural Development Planning in the School of Environment, Resources and Development , Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, 2003
* Senior lecturer in Economics in Govt.Colleges of Arunachal Pradesh, India, from 4.7.97 to 14.10.03. The job involved both teaching to Honours students as well as socio-economic research.
* Lecturer in Economics in Govt.colleges of Arunachal Pradesh, India from 4.7. 92 to 3.7.97 and was engaged in teaching of Economics to B.A Honours and Pass students and undertaking research.

Have attended 10 national, 6 international and 12 regional seminars on various socio-economic issues and have presented about 12 papers in such seminars.

" Asia Fellows Fellowship 2002-03, awarded by Asian Scholarship Foundation(funded by Ford Foundation), Bangkok, for Nine months .

" Chinese Govt. Senior Advanced Scholarship in Economics for two years 1999-00.
" National Merit Scholarship of Govt. of India for undertaking higher studies from 1978-1982.

Life member of Indian Association for Canadian Studies, American Studies Research Centre, Indian Society of Labour Economics, Indian Society of Agricultural Economics, North East India Council for Social Science Research.

*Visiting fellow in the Program for Regional and Rural Development Planning in the School of Environment, Resources and Development , Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand,2003
* Visiting Scholar, Ph.D. Program in Integrated Sciences, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand, 2003.

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