Unit 4: Introduction to Software Development
Assignment 1
Documentation Checklist
Unit Specification
Summary of Theory Sessions
Starting up, saving & opening files
Program 2 - VAT calculator
Theory behind the VAT calculator
Program 1 - simple maths
Printing out handouts from theory sessions
Introduction to Programming Languages
Problem Solving
Program Specification & Development
Input and Output
Data Types, Variables and Constants
Good program design
Data structures - loops and selection
Documentation for your program
Pseudocode - planning your program
Procedures and functions
Testing your program
Debugging your program
Storing and retreiving data
Output of data
HCI - Human Computer Interface
Program 3 - Circle Properties
Select case statements - a calendar
If...then statements - the driving license
For...Next loops - adding 10 numbers
While...Wend statements - a shop till
Logical operators - AND and OR
Debugging & error handling
User Interfaces - assignment practice
  Read me first
Assignment 3
Assignment 2
Splash screens
Unit Checklist
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