Gulf Coast Community Care presents the New Directions Program

New Directions is a "back to work" program that seeks to train people who are HIV positive and/or infected with AIDS. Its goal is to help people return to work and live as productive lives as possible.

Please follow the links below for more information on New Directions and for access to much useful information about the AIDS epidemic.

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Gulf Coast Community Care's New Directions program

New Directions has a positive debut
Faith Hope and Love
Finding hope at New Directions
Where are New Directions Program graduates now?

Health matters

Tips to help you quit smoking
Frequently asked questions about clinical trials
Should an HIV patient keep working out?
HIV and fatigue
Herbal remedy St. John's wort substantially weakens HIV-fighting drug
Hepatitis and HIV
Avoiding bacterial infections from your pet
Toxoplasmosis - a threat to HIV-positive individuals
The facts about HIV-related anemia
Should you get a flu shot if you have HIV?
HIV and the Americans with Disabilities Act
HIV may rebound if therapy stops

Food issues

Breaking the barriers to good eating
Healthy and Easy Recipes
Grocery shopping on a limited budget
Nutrition Strategies for people living with HIV/AIDS
Safe cooking for the HIV-positive


Pharmaceutical company drug assistance programs
What is the difference between SSI and SSDI?
HIV, Social Security, and the Internet

HIV/AIDS resources

Keeping up with the latest HIV news
Call CDC Hotline for HIV/AIDS information
HIV/AIDS resource guide
Click your mouse to fight HIV/AIDS
Other HIV resources

Fight AIDS at Home

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