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    The North Carolina Homeschool Loop was created in 1997 to provide a means for communication among North Carolina homeschoolers. Members are free to share their ideas, questions and/or concerns relating to homeschooling in North Carolina. All homeschoolers are welcome.
    Click here to read our Loop guidelines or to join the Loop.

    For more information about homeschooling in North Carolina, be sure to read our "Frequently Asked Questions" section. You'll find FAQs specific to NC that were prepared by NC Loop members who are experienced NC homeschoolers, as well as an FAQ prepared by the Division of Non-Public Education.

    It's really important for homeschoolers to stay informed about current legislation that may affect homeschooling. Our Self-Advocacy page has more information.

    Another important thing for homeschoolers to do is to read and understand their state's homeschooling statutes. The North Carolina Statutes dealing with homeschooling can be found here. Also, North Carolina homeschoolers can find NC homeschooling requirements listed on the Division of Non-Public Education's (DNPE) Homeschool Information site. While researching, you may find it helpful to keep the National Home Education Network's "Eight Probing Questions to Ask about Homeschool Regulation in Your State" in mind.

    Homeschoolers can find support both online and likely right in their backyard. We have a listing of groups offering Statewide Support as well as a list of NC HS Support Groups and Websites.
    Local information and activities can also be found on North Carolina Discussion Lists. We've also included a page on some of the most popular Homeschooling Methods with helpful and informative links.

    There are national online resources too. Many homeschoolers enjoy reading blogs like HEM's News & Commentary, HEM Homeschool Support and Networking, and/or joining discussion groups like HEM-Networking, and unschooling-dotcom.

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    To ask a question or send a comment CONTACT US.
    Please use "attention nchsloop webmistress" in your subject line.

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