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Morgaine d'Abney
We're BACK!  Welcome to Mystical Revelations.  We are new and improved with Wicca 101, Spell Candles, Etc.  Some of the things aren't fully functional yet, but we have two important events to tell you about :)  Also, ALL of the pictures from Koronenburg are finally up (thank you Colin)!  The Wicca 101 isn't all the way there yet, but very very soon. 
"Demons Don't Fail Me Now"




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Upcoming Rituals/Fairs/Events
Samhain Ritual
"Witch's New Year"
Saturday, October 29th, 7:30pm
Felicita Growth Center  Escondido, CA
RSVP w/ Mary 760-294-4266
Escondido Ren Fair
Sat & Sun, Oct 29-30
10am - 6pm
Felicita Park, Escondido CA
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