Wicca 101
We're no experts, but Rhylin and I do get alot of questions about Wicca, pagans, etc, etc, etc....   Alot of people ask about what it is, what it isn't, what's it all about?  Some people go so far as to ask how do I become one?  Well, there's no one right answer.  But one sure way to know all about Wicca is to study!  And that's what this section is all about--STUDY!  In order to answer alot of questions and hopefully educate those of you who like to learn, I've come up with this Wicca 101 section.

Now there isn't alot of classroom study to be had here.  There also isn't any degree you can attain or title that you can be given by being able to pass the "tests" below.  The questions revolve around knowledge that I feel it's important anybody who's involved in Wicca should know.   Some of it's more involved than other parts, but knowledge is priceless.  So I guess what I'm trying to say is....no you don't have to know all of this to be Wiccan, but it can't hurt either.

I've got a glossery of some Wiccan terms to get you started, but mostly finding the answers involves research, so there's also the recommended reading list where you can find the answers, and a list of websites to find answers as well.   For those of you who are about to accuse me of sending people out to spend money, well, don't forget websites and libraries are free AND you can also ask others about the questions and open up a dialogue.  I've done each of the lessons myself, by no means do I have the only or best answer for each question, only what I have learned from my own study.  If you have a question, by all means drop me an email ([email protected]) and we'll help.  And as people do the lessons I'll be adding their answers as well :)

This is here for fun and learning....not a game or a prize.  So have fun and explore the world around you a little!
Books, Websites, Etc

Wicca Glossery
Lesson 1: What Is Wicca?
Lesson 2:  History
Lesson 3:  Pantheons
Morgaine's Answers

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