Demons Don't Fail Me Now
written by Morgaine
featuring artwork by Jeff McLane
Anyone who's written poetry knows that it truely can be a reflection of life.  Thus is the case with Morgaine.

"I never had the patience or time to write in a journal.  I tried several times, but nothing ever came of it.  But when it came to poetry things were much more natural.......Poetry became my voice when all other avenues of expressing myself were taken away...."--Morgaine

After years of writing poetry and keeping it hidden away in notebooks, Morgaine has brought her unique perspective of the world to the masses.  Morgaine's first collection of poetry will be available to the public in May 2004 and is entitled "Demons Don't Fail Me Now"

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poetry page which has been updated to reflect which poems are included in "Demons"  It's her best work running the gamet of emotions and issues from love, hate, pain, joy, renewal, light, dark, eroticism, passion, politics, religion, Wicca and death.  Also included are 8 orginial art pieces by Chicago-based artist/actor Jeff McLane and an introduction by Morgaine's twin spirit sister Willow.

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