Child Abuse
When I was a little girl, I didn't have much of a choice about the life I lead.  My family has always been my family and there is definitely love all around now.  But it wasn't always like this.   For me, growing up was a battle for survival that has left me with lifelong scars that may take forever to heal.

I made a promise to the Goddess that if she ever gave me a podium to speak from I would speak against child abuse.  My battles would now be fought so that no child would have to suffer as I had.

Children don't have a choice--WE DO!!!!!!!
It amazes me that we as grown ups can be so blind to the world around us.  That we can look at a situation and see the different kinds of abuse happening--physical, mental, sexual, emotional, etc.  And never once do we realize the power over the situation.  Taking action doesn't mean being the person who calls social services or confronts the abuser.  It can be simple little things that make all the difference to a child--a hug, kind words, a book, a teddy bear, an ice cream cone,  a library card, a chance to talk and be heard.  These are the things that helped me and can help any child in need
Here are some links to provide more information about child abuse and how you can help:

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