Places To Go, People To See
We've got a collection of great websites for some of  friends as well as just fun places to visit.
Renaissance Faces--People met on the way!!

Swordsmen/Bold & Stupid Men -
                           need we say more?
Archers Of Ravenwood
Rusty Happenings - Kiwi with Scot-tude
Siler & Clarc - Pirate Musicians
Sound & Fury - Fakespearean Theatre
Kenny Klein - Music Photography Etc

Willow-Ligithe Saor
Jeff McLane--actor/artist for Morgaine's books
Stacey Wehrman--she'll house you
Soraya--Belly Dancing Queen
Jim Jagger-Animated Animator
Kim Richey--songwriter
Windswept Pacific--Lots of compadre's
Albert Hammond--songwriter
Renaissance Fairs--Places we've been!!

Escondido Renaissance Fair
Ojai Spring Renaissance Fair
Ojai Fall Pirate Festival
Corona Renaissance Festival
Tennessee Renaissance Fair
More Ren Fairs--various locations
Journeys--Physical, Educational, Spiritual

Pagan Day Fest!
Belmont University
Beyond Baroque
Natural History Museum of LA County
St. Louis Symphony
Hollywood Bowl
World History
Stephen Cohen Gallery
People of Inspiration

Oscar Wilde
Sylvia Plath
Billy The Kid
Dorothy Parker
Elizabeth I
Sir Walter Raliegh
Lord Alfred Tennyson
To Help

Project Angel Food
American Breast Cancer Foundation
Doctors Without Borders
AIDS Project Los Angeles
Animal Rescue Volunteers
Humane Society
Network For Good--various places to volunteer
Red Cross
Salvation Army
Pagan Resources:

Pillars Of Isis--Isis Ancient Cultures And Religion Society

Craft Witch Coven--Where There's a Witch There's A Way
Pagan Shopping:

Dark Delicacies
Psychic Eye Bookstores
Crystal Sands--gorgeous jewelry!!!
Sanctuary Productions
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