Western Iceland, 1996
Why Iceland?á I heard that question more times than I could count before my first tripá
to Iceland in July of 1996.á Well, plain enough, I didn't know anyone that had been here,á
I had at least a passing interest in viking stuff, and I was always interested in the fará
north (even if Iceland isn't really in the arctic).á It also was a good time for an adventure.á
I'd been a good little worker boy for too long.á And I'd been thinking about all thoseá
lengthy climbing trips I'd made back when I was fumbling my way through college.á
Anyways, I did it by bicycle and I had a great time.á Have a look....
map of Iceland. the gear listing. geysir and the kjolur road. geysir and the kjolur road. camp in Laxadalar and the snaefellsness
Route Mapá Preparationá Geysirá The Kjolurá Laxadalur
Snaefellsness Bildudalar Kleifebui Arbaer Folk Museum Reykanes Lighthouse
Snaefellsnessá Westfjordsá á Kleifebuiá Arbaer Rejkanesá
ááá Links to Icelandáááá

Background - Hveravellir, a geothermal area in the center of the Kjolur route.á
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