The Arbaer Folk Museum
       in Reykjavik

Scattered about Iceland are numerous folk museums.  Folk museums gather items from the locals and put them out on display.  Arbaer is largely an architectural museum as they have collected buildings from around Iceland.  In the country you can often get a personel guided tour of the museums, as you might be the only visitor. This is an old turf walled church..

An old church at Arbaer Folk Museum in Reykjavik
Reykanes Lighthouse
Right on the southwest tip of Iceland, 20 miles south of the airport. Well worth the stop on a nice day.   The island out on the horizon is Ebbey. Some people claim that the last Great Auk was killed there, (others say it was in the Vestmann Islands).  To get to the lighthouse you have to pass through a fairly large Tern nesting  site.
The Reykanes Lighthouse

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