The Westfjords
Another of my favorite spots on this trip.  I wanted to see some of the Westfjords, but didn't have time to ride up there, so I took the ferry, Baldur, from Stykkisholm.  I rode through a wild rain storm crossing over the ridge into Bildudalar, seen below on a beautiful sunny morning. The ridgetops are about 1000 ft high. I climbed over 3 of these  on the way back to the ferry.  1 to 1-1/2 hours up, 10 minutes down.There were very few other travelers in this area.
Bildudalar from near the pass to Talknafjord
The Kleifebui
- public art at it's finest
This was built by a road building crew in 1947.  It is on the road at the top of the ridge heading south from Patreksfjord.  There is a club in his hand, a bone in his nose and his eyes are made of suspender buttons.  It's supposed to be the boss. He stands at the highest point on the road between Patreksfjord and Breidafjord.
Kleifebui, a statue built in 1947 by road workers

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