Laxadalur Camp
High in Laxadalur.  I met two german guys, Berndt and Johannes, two days earlier.  We rode together for 2 days. Laxadalur was the home of one of the most powerful viking families.  The farm of Eric the Red is in the next valley south. That is my old gore-tex alpine tent.  Lightweight and good in wind. I saw an artctic fox while walking near this camp.
Campsite high in Laxadalur
 Snaefellsness Peninsula
Maybe the most beautiful coastline in Iceland is the north coast of the Snaefellsness. From my bicycle the scenery changed as if by design. Just as I had taken in one landscape I would go around a headland and have something new to look at.  I was fortunate to have perfect weather while I was there.  If you have a spell of good weather I highly recommend the route. There are a lot of viking stories rooted in this region.
The north coast of Snaefellsness Penninsula

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