One of the more popular
tourist destinations in Iceland
is Geysir, the place that gave
it's name to geysirs.  This is
Strokkur, a truly fantastic geysir.  At the surface it is a hole nearly feet in diameter.  In 1996 it was spouting on 3 minute intervals. This photo was shot from in front of my tent at the campground at about 10:30 in the evening. There is a fine swimming pool here also.
the geysir Strokkur
The Kjolur Route
The kjolur route is the shortest
route between the north and
south coast.  It has been used
for centuries.  The rock that you see scattered about is tephra (ejected debris) from the volcano Hekla, which lies 30 miles south of here.  This route opens in June and closes by October.  The wind usually blows from the south. Hveravellir, the hideout of Eyvindar the outlaw, is in the middle. There is a good bathable hot spring there.

the start of the kjolur route

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