Links to Iceland

Daily news in english
A nice quick site to follow current affairs in Iceland.
Aimed at foreigners and visitors.

Ed Jackson's Great List of Links
This is a great list of web sites that contain photographs of
Iceland.  There are many travel journals, plus some really
great photos of Iceland. This is a "must see" site.

Trento Bike Pages
One of the best sites that I have found for bike touring in Europe.
There are several good trip reports to Iceland.  A good place to go
if you're planning a bike trip in Europe or the Mediterranean.

Travel to the Horizon
This site also has several reports on Iceland (and the rest of the world).

Iceland Road Conditions
A great site with frequent (at least daily) updates
showing conditions on practically all of Iceland's roads.
It also gives car counts for the hour and day for select points.

Iceland Weather Service
Detailed weather in Icelandic and English.  Also
connections to the Icelandic Geophysics Department,
which gives daily earthquake activity in Iceland and more.

Nordic Volcanological Institute
Great site with details on several of the major hot spots
in Iceland and just what makes them tick.

It's pretty likely that you will fly to Iceland on Icelandair.
Icelandair is a sharp, professional airline. They have a fleet
of very well maintained Boeing 757's.

 Icelandic Phrase Page. Good luck
This is as close to viking talk as you'll ever get.  Yes, you can
find people in Iceland that don't speak English, and many that don't
get much practice at the english that they know.  Danish or norwegian
can come in handy.  But, heck, there's not that many people to talk to anyways.

Landmaelingar Islands
The national land survey of Iceland.  They produce very high
quality road and topographic maps plus other geographical data.
Their road maps of Iceland are far superior to any others.

Antique Maps of Iceland 1

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