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This page is ever changing. As long as I study in the field of Molecular Biology, I will keep increasing this page's links.

Introduction of Me : I have graduated with a Diploma in Biotechnology in Temasek Polytechnic Singapore 2001 a.k.a Life Science a.k.a Biomedical Science a.k.a Biological Science a.k.a I don't really care, what other name they give but basically its Biology of Plants, Animals, Humans, Genetic Engineering.. blah blah blah. After that, I went to compulsory National Service as an army Medic or Medical Orderly. There I did some Clinical Research on Hypertension - published now on Singapore Medical Journal with a full feature editorial by the 'Father of Cardiology' in Singapore Professor Chia. Then I disrupted from Army and went to London - where I am now in King's College London, doing a Mphil-PhD program in Cellular and Molecular Biophysics. I did my BSc (Hons) from University College London in Molecular Cell Biology - direct 2nd year entry.

Oh, just for showing off sake, I was attached in 1999 to IMCB - Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology and during my time there, I worked in a (Inhale) Molecular Cellular Immunology lab (Exhale). During there, I worked for part of a scientic experiment that studies the internal signal transduction of B lymphocytes (trying to make it sound as chim as possible. The article was out in JBC June 8. To see the online abstract, click here to see the html. My name is on the 3rd position If you wish to download the submitted accepted manuscript, click here . The pdf file is the JBC version and is the complete article.

In addition, while I was an army ECG medic, I did a research on Hypertension and Otorhinolarygnology - ENT for short. The Hypertension of which I was first author is out, click here for the pdf. And as it was the feature paper for the issue (SEPT03 SMJ), there is an editorial on it here. These are my latest works. Although 2 more papers are on the way being written on ENT, but I am a co-author for these 2.

Problems in links please email to MAGISCA! the Creator of the page.
who is me of course

Basic Biology Pages

BioMedNet Page with Journals of the Series Trends in...and Current Opinion in...

Website for Protocols for Experiments

List of Markers

Plant Cell Progression Chemicals

Another List of CD Molecules

Website for Callus induction and preparation.

Cancer Gene Therapy information

Cell Banks information and their codes

The Function and Location of CD antigens

Identify Protein Introns

CD Chart and function. Includes cytometry also.

Immunology Terms Glossary

European Molecular Cell Biology Lab

Protein Intron Database

Introduction on Protein Introns

Lab Notes search...general information on Molecular Biology

Lab On Web

The MUST-Know Site for all Scientists! Includes PubMed and National Library! - THE NCBI

Oxford Journals online. Subscription to access Abstract and Content Page. To access full journals, subscription needed.

The all famous Science Journal!

Scientist Page for scientists

Transduction Labs where u buy antibodies and tools

Neurology Journals

Molecular Virology

Bovine Genome Project

Cell Biology Techniques

Medical Web pages

Journal of Biological Chemistry where my first co-authored paper was published

Monoclonal Antibody Production

Free Medical Journals list

Medical Literature

Medical Journals

Medical Matrix

Medical Reference Library

Monoclonal Antibody Technology

Monoclonal Antibody Technology2

Cognitive Science Dictionary

WHO writing of Standard Operating Procedures

Free Medical Journals list

Transgenic and Knock-Out Mice

Veterinary Diagnostics, Monoclonal Antibodies, Immunology, Virology

Mouse Catalogs

Fortean Slips the God's Module - part of the brain that is responsible for Religions experiences

Strange MAG that investigate and verifies Paranormal Happenings

A cute and interesting tract to reveal the Truth behind Human EVOLUTION!

Real Documents to reveal Human Evolution bu Scientists themselves

NASA's weather page

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