Walking Disaster

Ha...hahaha....*dies* This is one floppy bunny XD She's strange as hell and as funny as bloody funny as hell too o.O Ah..I scabber her email of her site and added it to msn. Muhahaha that is how I trap them >D lol. Oooh not only funny is she and scary/strange/llamariffic, but she ish uber talented! *steals her talent* ooh and she has some awesome rp charries XD o.O Scary stuff she is. Lala...totally bananas =D


Gifts from Kristy

Doncha just LOVE this XD ...I do

^Tis one of her rp charries...cant spell his name XD So I'll not try....cute nyeh?....tis beautiful! Image hosted by Muhahaha..I'm coke driven.

Gifts to Kristy

My reply!

inside joke to that one...can't be bothered telling you...go to her site and check it out on the sisters page...its there o.O

I felt like making a snow globe thing...used her penguin XD can't draw my own

Image hosted by We do some pretty wiggy stuff o.O Our conversations are weird. Image hosted by For easter ofcourse =D


Ah Sweet Siren..more commonly known as Ashley started this place, she let me join in and become a a part of it, because I couldn't run a site on my own...layouts etc. She's so nice and is a great person to talk to! And the, she makes the most awesome layouts and her dolls are excellent! And I love her bases! She showers me with awesome gifts..and me being the lazy bum I am, haven't showered her back!

Gifts from Ashley

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Gifts to Ashley

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