About the Site

This site used to have a different address late last year, ashsimms instead of luitielpixels, that is because Sweet Siren (Ashley) owned it. I didn't have anywhere to put my dolls so I put a post on the EE request board asking for someone to share their site with me. And Ashley answered my calling =D So she showed me around, taught me how to do some things and I eventually go the hang of most of it. Then Ashley got layout happy apparently lol. So she made herself another site devoted to her artworks and layouts etc. And I was alone. Soon after Ashley left I decided to give layout making a stab. I failed miserably...so Ashley made me another one. And I lubbed it. Then after about a month I wanted a change...but I didn't want to ask for another. So I did my reading...tutorials and Dummy books galore. And I finally figured out how to make and maintain a niceish framed layout. So I packed my stuff and moved to luitielpixels because ashsimms...sounded weird lol. So here I am =D

Thank You's

Most importantly, Thank you Ashley...you rock my socks.
Photobucket Photobucket is a damn good FREE image host =D
Magitek Designs These guys made is really easy for me to make a layout! If you need help, check out their tutorials...or use one of their free layouts =D
Eden Enchanted If it wasn't for that GIGANTIC forum..where would I be now! *grumbles at dollmakers*

Past Layouts.
I've removed all of my past layouts...clean start =D

About Me

Name: Karissa
Alias: Luitiel/ LuBob
Age: 18
Country: Australia
Birthday: 11th September
I LOVE: Music, loud noises, loud cars, bumpy rides, reading, being destructive, buying clothes, editing clothes, painting my nails, getting in trouble, being so awesome, scratchin a mozzie bite, killing a mozzie, dolling, drawing, painting, throwing things, being so awesome, myspace, emo kids, alternative fashion, the fashion scene, designing my own clothes, manipulating, sputnick!, my friends, my DOGS! LAIDI AND RASTUS, Some of my family, the internet, being whoever I wan't to be, annoying people, yelling, singing (though I can't), geocities, my website, blogging, the old days, the tomorrow series, typing, being up late, not sleeping, coffee, petrol fumes, alcohol, broadband, orange juice, seeing skaters fall over, movies, the big screen, imax, brains, people who use their brains for good, the rats living in my roof.
I HATE: Humanity, Snotty people, Icky bugs, people who kill toads, people who kill anything other than people or icky bugs, people, being unclean, the ringing that always sounds in my ears, shitty movie sequels, that Harry Potter movies, people who say I'm emo...because I listen to "emo music", people like bee...who are totally emo..but wont admit it because they're too proud, Suicide (so pointless), Mosquitos, Being itchy, T.V ads, not winning, being told what to do and how to do it, pig-like men, men, people who call me a lesbian (because I'm NOT...I'm just not interested in the foulness that is Australian men), computer crashes, unfinished dolls, flies, "normal people", people who cover good songs and make them SHIT. ANIMAL CRUELTY.
The Clash
Within Temptation
Bring Me The Horizon
Parkway Drive
The Used
Senses Fail
Twisted Sister
The Verve
The Birthday Massacre
Avalon Drive
Bullet For My Valentine
Funeral For A Friend
Lacuna Coil
System of a Down
Blink 182
Taking Back Sunday
Fall Out Boy
Parkway Drive
Sympathy Page
Marilyn Manson
Puddle of Mud
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Three Days Grace
Bloodhound Gang
Guns N' Roses
Living End
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
My Chemical Romance

The Tomorrow Series (John Marsden) 7 teens go into Hell. Based in the Aussie outback scene. What would you do if you were suddenly thrown into a war? A battle for your own country? These guys fight!
Crown of Stars (Kate Elliot) Liathano. She is the key to everything. An empire falls, more are created. Death, betrayal, suprise. This is one fucking good fantasy series.
The Quickening (Fiona McIntosh) He is given a gift, that whenever he is killed, the killer dies, and his sould inherits their body. This is an awesome fantasy trilogy, that you can't but down...EVER.
And of course, the rest -
Harry Potter (J.K Rowling)
Lord of the Rings (J.R.R Tolkein)
The Bitterbynde (Ceclia Dart Thornton)
Anything by James Molony and R.A Salvatore
Ginger Snaps
The Crow
Garage Days
The Day After Tomorrow