Used to be unadoptable...but most of it is now. PLEASE provide a link back and do NOT use any of these in a sig or AV ...they're mine *bites*

Punk Muffin. Hell yes.
The following were made for Camp Eden. The links used for the keyrings are by Eden Enchanted.
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EMO LOVE! Or The Glomp. Whichever. Pixel of Bridie attacking Emo Matty. She's obsessed. Traced from a drawing I did 100% done by ME
SaberSam. Made for Bunnysticks contest. I don't know if she got the entry, but I don't really care about the contest, I just wanted to make SamberSammmm XDXD Even if I can't spell it right.
It's me o.o Its kinda vector, kinda not XDXD LIKE IT DAMNIT. Aremys without background.
And...with background.
Winneta, Inspired by Tim Burton, for the Halloween EE Ball.
Ugly little CLOWNthing inspired by Tim Burton, I hate it.
And again, another Nightmare Before Christmas Dudealot.
Same as before, Nightmare Before Christmas.
Thing from Nightmare Before Christmas...thought it looked cool, pixelled it =D
Punk Dude...because Mohawks are so cool...and HARD TO PIXEL O.O Used a photo reference for this...found it on google lol.
TunaFishBoat =D
Aussie hat.
EE Challenge thing....><
My iso pixel kitchen.
My sword for an EE challenge, I am proud of this one =D NOT adoptable
blood bottles made for someone at EE...they really suck
VERY VERY bored. Adoptable
For Kristy...the penguin is Kristys...NOT adoptable
Don't Ask...Adoptable
A..horse. You can colour it and use it as a base/prop if you wish...just link back.
Pixel rock castle for an EE Challenge. Adoptable
God's keys to unlock the world for an Underground challenge. Not Adoptable

Photo Manipulations/Avaters

Though these don't really fit in the pixels section, I'm too lazy to put them anywhere else. DO NOT ADOPT!

Louis Garvan...made for Bee at Nox of Darkness I can't remember the link where this dude came from, but he is now the posterboy for Aremys =D For Morgan Mehawk For Jude/River o.O A character that I basically abandoned. Jimmy Anderson. He sucks. Fuck I wish I was this chick. How hot is that XDXD Constance is another character I abandoned. No one like her =(