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Feel free to link me!
Welcomeness to my site. Current layout was made completely by me! I used a font from some place I have forgotten and a pattern from a doll site which I am hunting for (the hearts on the panties) XDXD
The base is mine, but edited by stormnicki from EE, I will have to get her link....
Feel free to look around, enter the current contest etc! And TAG ME =D


November 6th 2006
Shit. Long time no update o.o Oops =D
Current dolling slump haha. BUT I DID SOMETHING! Yay!
Thanks to the guys who left tags on my tag board =D I love ya'll ^^
I'm gonna make a new layout soon. I'm sick of this one.

September 24th 2006
Still no new contest. I'm running out of ideas. I need a sexy contest idea. Tag me with one =D Palette Contest, Inspired By Contests and Base Edits all suck. Mainly the base edit contests, because my bases SUCK. =D
Interesting. I seem to have dolled.
Still haven't even *started* that other shop order. Damn. I'm gonna be shot.
I'm up for auction at EE...but only for another like...2 hours haha. Which is awesome.
There's nothing else worth talking about =D
Oh there's a sexy new link to Hollay's website here because she filled a request for me and it was totally awesome. Go to her site in probably already have, but do it again anyway =D

One Two
<3 LuBob dA
<3 LuBob MySpace
<3 KristyBob
<3 Layout Base
<3 Hollay
<3 Eden Enchanted
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New Dollies

For the EE Halloween Collab. We were a sexy circus of horrors. For Bwanoi's contest. I like it. It's me...but skinnier. Haha.

New Pixels

None =D

New Art Etc

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Tag Board

Rules for tagging =D Psh...RULES for TAGGING O.O Do as you wish...I really don't give a shit =D But...the part where you tag, leaving your website is fun...I like to suss out the people who tag me >=D

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Giftage/Awardage etcness

Wooo! Third O.O I expected last XDXD Woo best shading! Very sexy award >=D

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