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September 1      
September 2 1979 Peter Sutcliffe 20 year old Barbara Leach decided to get some night air and go for a walk. Peter Sutcliffe, sees her walking by herself. He quickly drove past her and turned left into Ash Grove. As he opened the car door to get out of the car she was walking towards him. He let her walk past him before attacking her with a hammer from behind. He then dragged her into a backyard and, after pushing up her shirt and bra to expose her breasts and undoing her jeans and partly pulling them down, he stabbed her with a screwdriver, before hiding her body near some garbage bins. He covers her body with an old piece of carpet and placed some stones on top of it
September 3 1981 Andrei Chikatilo
Chikatilo meets seventeen year old Larisa Tkanchenko. The young girl accepted the older man's invitation to go for a walk and she knew he was after more from her than just a friendly chat.  Chikatilo told Larisa that he knew of a quiet area out of the way in a nearby "Relaxation Station" an area with restaurants, cafes etc.
But the killer knows that normal consensual sex will not give him the pleasure he seeks.  He throws her to the ground and attacks her by punching her in the face and chest, to stiffle her screams he pushed dirt into her mouth and then strangled her into unconsciousness. As her life is extinguished Chikatilo ejaculates over Larisa's body and bites off one of her nipples in the attack. He then dumps her body in the River Don
  1990 Jeffrey Dahmer Ernest Miller, a 24 year old Black male meets Dahmer outside a bookstore where he accepts the offer of money for nude pictures.  When Dahmer and Miller arrived at Dahmer's apartment the two men sit and have a drink while watching some porno movies. When the sleeping tablets in Miller's drink take affect Dahmer slits the young man's throat.
    Pictures are taken of the dismembered body, the biceps are then stored in the refrigerator, the skeleton is bleached and kept in Dahmer's bedroom all except the skull, which was painted grey and kept in the on the mantle.
1931 Albert DeSalvo DeSalvo is born.
September 4 1979 Wayne Williams Milton Harvey, age 14, vanishes during a neighbourhood bike ride
September 5 1930 Carl Panzram Panzram is hanged, he spits at the hangman, "I could hang a dozen men, while you're fooling around".
September 6 1984 Andrei Chikatilo Another victim is dumped in Aviators' Park, this time 24 year old Irina Luchinskaya is murdered
1974 Ted Bundy Bones are found scattered between 2 to four miles from Lake Sammamish State Park. According to Bundy they are from Georgeann Hawkins, Janice Ott and Denise Naslund.
September 7      
September 8 1982 Andrei Chikatilo Back at home in Shakhti, Chikatilo murders Ira Karabelnikova, a nineteen year old woman
  1963 Albert DeSalvo 58-year-old divorcee Evelyn Corbin is strangled by DeSalvo
  1888 Jack the Ripper 47 year old Annie Chapman is murdered and found in the yard of a lodging house at 29 Hanbury Street, her body is mutilated in a frenzied attack, yet her personal items are found neatly placed near the body.
September 9 1944 John Haig William McSwain is murdered by Haig.
September 10      
September 11      
September 12      
September 13      
September 14 1972 Edmund Kemper Kemper picked up 15 year old Aiko Koo who was on her way to a dance class. She had decided to hitchhike after getting tired of waiting for the bus.

But Aiko saw the gun he was carrying and panicked. Kemper convinced the frightened girl that he was planning to use the gun to kill himself, and that if she did as she was told she would not be harmed. He drove into the mountains and turned off the main road, parking out of sight. He taped her mouth and tried to suffocate her by putting his thumb and index finger in her nostrils. She fought, but lost consciousness, only to awaken again moments later. Edmund began to suffocate her again, this time continuing until she stopped breathing completely. He removed her from the car, laid her on the ground, and raped her. With her own scarf, he strangled her, and when he was absolutely sure she was dead, he put her body in the trunk and drove away. Later that night he brought Aiko’s body into his apartment and placed it on his bed. He dissected her  and disposed of her head and hands in a different location to the rest of her body

  1984 Andrei Chikatilo Police Inspector Aleksandr Zanasovski  detains Chikatilo for questioning after following the man who displayed unusual behaviour and aroused the officer's suspicions. The officer question Chikatilo about his whereabouts around the time of the murder of ten year old Dima Ptashnikov murder earlier in the year. At the same time police begin to put together a portfolio on 23 connected murders and a possible suspect - eventhough the true number of victims was closer to 32.
September 15 1982 Andrei Chikatilo Chikatilo strikes again, this time his victim is fifteen year old Sergei Kuzmin.
1977 John Gacy Robert Gilroy aged eighteen is supposed to catch a bus with friends to go horseback riding but he never showed up. He met with Gacy beforehand.
  1987 Jeffrey Dahmer 28 year old Steve Tuomi, he is taken to a hotel room by Dahmer where he is murdered.
  1987 Andrei Chikatilo Sixteen year old Yura Tereshonok is murdered near St Petersberg (Leningrad). His body is never recovered
September 16 1980 Wayne Williams Darron Glass, an 11-year-old, vanished near his home
September 17      
September 18      
September 19      
September 20 1974 Harvey Carignan 18 year old Kathy Schultz is murder by blows to the head with a hammer, her vagina is also violated.
September 21      
September 22      
September 23      
September 24 1990 Jeffrey Dahmer David C. Thomas is approached on the street by Dahmer and offered money to come home with him.   Pictures, were taken of the dismembered body after he is strangled by Dahmer.
September 25 1970 Dean Corll 21 year old Jeffrey Konen is abducted while hitchhiking
September 26      
September 27  1969 The Zodiac College students Cecelia Ann Shepard and Bryan Calvin Hartnell, were picnicking at Twin Oak Ridge at 6.30pm when a man walks close to the couple before ducking into the brush and emerging with a rather odd looking hood covering his face and the front of his body. He said to Bryan "I want your money and your car keys...I want your car to go to Mexico". Bryan gave the strange man his keys. After a brief conversation and an attempt to make Cecelia tie up Bryan, the killer said calmly "I'm going to have to stab you people,"

Bryan was stabbed first, he sustained six stab wounds, Cecelia was stabbed ten times and would die two days later in hospital.

The killer then goes to the car and inscribes on the side: Vallejo
Sept 27-69-6:30
by knife

Again the killer rings 911 to report the murder.

September 28 1888 Jack the Ripper The first Ripper letter arrives at the Central Newsagency
September 29 1941 Fred West West is born in Much Marcle.
September 30 1888 Jack the Ripper "Double Event" Elizabeth Stride is murdered in Berner Street, but the killer is interrupted so she only had her throat cut. Catherine Eddowes is murdered in Mitre Square, she is mutilated like the other Ripper victims. "The Juwes" graffiti is also written

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