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February 5 1977 Peter Sutcliffe Irene Richardson, aged 28, was murdered at almost the same exact spot, as the previous known attack on Marcella Claxton in May 1976. The murder was also the one where his actions could be seen as deliberate, calculated, and controlled. Instead of quickly leaving the scene, as in previous attacks, he took the time to re-arrange her clothes and boots, and cover her body with her coat.

When Irene Richardson got out of the passengers seat, Sutcliffe put a hammer and Stanley knife into his pocket. She wanted to go to the toilet, but finding them locked, decided to urinate on the grass. As she was crouching,  Sutcliffe delivered three heavy blows to her head with his hammer, one that drove her skull three-quarters of an inch into her brain, and then he tore open her jacket and blouse and began to stab and slash her with his Stanley knife.

February 6 1977 Worrell and Miller 16 year old Sylvia Pitmann is picked up by the two men, she is taken to a secluded area outside of Adelaide where she is raped and murdered. Worrell used her pantyhose to strangle her.
  1978 John Gacy Gacy's trial for the murder of 32 boys and young mean opens.
February 7 1956 Werner Boost Peter Falkenberg and Hildegard Wassing are murdered by Boost
  1977 Worrell and Miller 26 year old Vicki Howell is murdered by the men after being picked up while out Christmas shopping. She is raped first by Worrell before being strangled.
February 8 1973 Edmund Kemper
Kemper picks up Rosalind Thorpe and drives off, soon he comes across Alice Liu as well. Once he has them both he drives them to a secluded area using his Suicide and depression story. Then he reaches under his seat and takes out a gun, he shoots Rosalind in the temple, she dies instantly, Alice is screaming in the backseat and Kemper shoots her too, this time things have not gone as well for Kemper. Liu is still barely alive but continues to groan in the back seat. It drives Kemper to distraction, he pulls over and shoots her again, this time she is dead. He takes the bodies back to the house, before dismembering them and disposing of the bodies.
  1974 Ted Bundy 20 year old Carol Valenzuela disappeared in Vancouver.  Her body is found later in October with the remains of another female who was never identified.
  1998 Robert Yates Sunny G. Oster, 41, found February 8, 1998. Her remains are found in a wooded area in Western Spokane County. Three plastic bags cover her head. The cause of death is two gunshots to the head. Semen found in her body was genetically matched to Yates' DNA.
February 9 1978 Ted Bundy 10 year old Kimberly Leach leaves PE class to go and find her wallet, a friend sees her talking to a man, it is the last time she is seen alive After 8 weeks of heavy searching, the bare bones of the girl were found in a pigpen. There was evidence of sexual assault, but no head trauma. It appeared that she had been strangled, but the decomposition made it difficult to tell.
  1977 Worrell and Miller 16 year old Connie Iordanides is raped and strangled by the Truro murderers.
  1942 Gordon Cummins 40 year old Evelyn Hamilton is strangled by Cummins.
February 10 1942 Gordon Cummins 35 year old Evelyn Oatley (aka Nita Ward) is murdered in her flat. She is naked and her throat and lower body are mutilated by a tin opener and mirror.
  1974 Ted Bundy 16 year old Nancy Wilcox disappeared in Holladay. Her body is never recovered.
February 11 1941 Paul Ogorzov Martha Zernowski is assaulted and thrown from a moving train.
  1927 Albert Fish 4 year old Billy Gaffney is abducted by Fish and beaten to death.
  1942 Gordon Cummins 43 year old Margaret Lowe is mutilated with a razor blade. Her body remains undiscovered for three days.
February 12 1977 Worrell and Miller 20 year old Deborah Lamb is raped and then buried alive in the sand on Port Gawler beach. She is not recovered until Miller confesses to his part in the crimes.
February 13 1929 Peter Kurten 45 year old Rudolf Scheer is repeatedly stabbed in the head and neck, while on his way home from a beer cellar
February 14 1942 Gordon Cummins Doris Jounnet is strangled and mutilated with a razor blade.
  1974 The Zodiac Letter to the Chronicle  about the SLA kidnapping of Patty Hearst
  1994 Andrei Chikatilo Chikatilo lost a last minute appeal for clemency. He was taken from his prison cell and marched along a stone corridor to the execution room. Chikatilo was made to kneel as his sentence was read. The executioner drew a Makarov automatic and fired a single 9-grain bullet into the back of the serial killer's head. Unlike his victims, Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo died quickly and mercifully
February 15 1992 Jeffrey Dahmer Dahmer is sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences equalling over 1000 years in total for his heinous crimes.
February 16      
February 17 1978 Bianchi and Buono Twenty-three year old Cindy Hudpseth was found naked in the trunk of a car.  Again the body and car had been immaculately cleaned leaving no clues for baffled police.
February 18 1991 Jeffrey Dahmer At 4:00 in the afternoon a young black 18 year old named Curtis Straughter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin disappears forever.   Curtis would be strangled with Dahmer's leather belt.  The skull, hands, and genitals would be kept by Dahmer.  Due to the mutilation done to Curtis, he later had to be identified with the aid of dental records
  1975 Ted Bundy The naked and battered body of Caryn Campbell was found in a snow bank off  Owl Creek Rd, close to the hotel where she had been holidaying with her fiance and children. The snow around her was bloodstained and it was more than likely that she had been raped before being murdered.
  1949 John Haig Olive Durand-Deacon is murdered, she is shot in the back then put into a vat of acid.
February 19 1977 Worrell and Miller Christopher Worrell is killed in a car accident, Miller is injured and a friend is also killed.
February 20 1941 Paul Ogorzov 30 year old Lisa Novak is sexually assaulted before being thrown from a moving train.
February 21 1984 Andrei Chikatilo Chikatilo murdered Marta Ryabyenko. She is aged 44 and is out of the usual pattern for Chikatilo but nonetheless is one of his victims. She is found the next day.
  1994 Andrei Chikatilo He was taken from his prison cell and marched along a stone corridor to the execution room. Chikatilo was made to kneel as his sentence was read. The executioner drew a Makarov automatic and fired a single 9-grain bullet into the back of the serial killer's head.
February 22      
February 23      
February 24 1926 HH Holmes 60 year old Clara Newman is strangled and raped several times.
  1972 Dean Corll Frank Aguirre is raped, sodomised and killed by Dean Corll
February 25 1922 Henri Landru Landru is found guilty of murder and guillotined.
February 26 1994 Fred and Rose West The remains of Heather West are found under the patio.
February 27      
February 28 1994 Fred and Rose West Police begin to probe further into the possibility of more bodies at the West's home, soon the bodies of  Shirley Robinson and Alison Chambers are found.
  1960 Richard Ramirez Ramirez is born in El Paso, Texas, USA.
February 29      

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