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This is perhaps the most ambitious section of this website. It has been an overwhelming challenge to try and present the many different Strickler lineages in an easy and understandable context while also removing or isolating questionable data or connections. This page is the current solution.

On this site you will find biographies of important figures in Strickler lineages or important Strickler groups. Then immediately following each biography will be a link to several generations of descendants for the individual or group in the biography.

Keep in mind that due to the multitude of data not all information can be presented here. For instance the total number of pages for Conrad Strickler would number over 15,000 with close to 180,000 descendants.

Work on this page is slow, hindered by my ignorance of HTML and the seeming unwillingness of easy import of large chunks of text from my word documents. So keep checking back!
Strickler, Conrad the Persecuted of Hirzel-Horgenberg c1579-c1648
     Conrad Strickler was a mennonite persecuted for his faith. He is the forefather of many
     of the Stricklers in America and a good portion of the families of central Germany.
Stricklers of Hirzel, Switzerland 1579-1900's
     This section includes many of the records found for the Strickler families who descend
     from the Hirzel Stricklers. However records of descendants who arrived in America are
Strickler, Hans (1605-1701) of Hirzel
     Hans Strickler is the forefather of many of the American Stricklers and the families of
     central Germany.
Strickler, Hans Jacob (1636-aft 1690) of Hirzel, immigrant to Alsace & the Pfalz. He was a
     Mennonite minister. Hans Jacob Strickler appears to be the forefather for most of the
     Colonial Strickler lineages
Strickler, Hans (1643-1679) of Hirzel, immigrated to the Pfalz and probably back to 
     Switzerland. He is the forefather of several American Strickler lineages.
Strickler, Hans (1669-1737), resident of Alsace and the Pfalz, son of Hans Jacob Strickler
     and forefather of most Colonial Strickler lineages.
Strickler, Abraham, 1st (c1693-1746), native of Germany, 1724 immigrant to PA and
      forefather of 70% of all Stricklers in the Virginia lines.
          Children of Abraham Strickler, 1st.
          Strickler, Abraham, Jr.(1719-1754)
           Strickler, Isaac, Sr.(1722-1766)

           Strickler, Benjamin (1725-1796)
(partially uploaded)
           Strickler, Jacob (1728-1784)
          Strickler, Joseph, Sr. (1731-1795) (partially uploaded)
          Strickler, John, Sr. (1732-1807) (80% uploaded)
           Strickler, Maria  (1736-aft 1815)
Strickler, Conrad the Immigrant
Strickler, Heinrich the Immigrant
Strickler, Ulrich the Immigrant
Strickler, Hans Jacob the Immigrant (c1704-c1782)
           Strickler, Heinrich of Hans Jacob
           Strickler, Abraham of Hans Jacob

Strickler, Jacob of Bucks Co.
Strickler, Johann Andreas the Immigrant (1705-1796)
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