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Places Named Strickler

Over the years the Strickler family has made an unmistakable mark not only on society but also on the very land that they lived. This section of this book is a listing of the many places that bare the name of Strickler. Some are prominent places others are had to find. This list is in no particular order and does not include names of businesses with the name of Strickler or cemeteries named Strickler. They will be listed separately.
Strickler, Fayette Co., AR (35°50’1”N by 94°18’47”W). Located in the northwest section of Fayette Co., AR, Strickler is still today a small town. The original name of the town was Greenville but soon after the Strickler family moved there the name was changed to Strickler. On 10 March 1843 Benjamin Strickler purchased 40 acres of land at Strickler. Benjamin’s brothers, William, Jacob and John as well as his sisters, Christina (Strickler) Martin, Mary Ann (Strickler) Wilhite and Elizabeth (Strickler) Ramey all settled in Fayette Co., PA. They then moved about to neighboring counties. All were children of Jacob Strickler (3 Jun 1786-29 Apr 1852) who died in Strickler Hollow, Sullivan Co., TN. Over the years at least two of Jacob’s brothers, John and Reuben, each spent time in Strickler. Both later settled in Shelby County, Indiana.
Strickler, Salina Co., KS. Township about half a mile from the east line of the county and about 12 miles from Salina, the county seat. It receives mail from Solomon, Dickinson County. The population in 1910 was 15.[1] Records show that Samuel Jay Strickler (24 Jun 1851-30 May 1943) moved to Salina Co., KS by 1892.
Strickler, York Co., PA (40°0’40”N by 76°33’5”W). Located in York County, Pennsylvania, Strickler is no more than a wide spot in the road. Generally you will never find it on a map. The town is believed named for descendants of the Ulrich Strickler family who settled there by 1740. However this fact needs to be verified.
Strickler, Hirzel, Zürich, Switzerland. Located near the community of Hirzel, Canton Zürich, Switzerland, Strickler is nothing more than a wide spot in the road. It is so named for the Strickler farms that have existed there for centuries. The house on the north side of the road at Strickler actually bears the name of Strickler over its doorway. It is not immediately known which of the many Strickler families that lived in the area was the first to live at Strickler. These farms were settled by descendants of Oswald (20 Sep 1600-23 Sep 1629) and Hans (18 Apr 1605-1 Oct 1701) Strickler, sons of Conrad Strickler (c1579-c1648).
Strickler Avenue, Mt Carroll, IL. Strickler Avenue in Mt. Carroll, IL is an extension of W Market Street. The lane makes a loop extending east and north and back west to N Clay Street. Strickler families began settling in Mt. Carroll as early as 1841 when Henry Strickler 4th (11 Mar 1789-30 Dec 1876) moved to Mt. Carroll from Hellam, York Co., PA. A cousin of and bro-in-law of Henry Strickler, Jacob Strickler (28 May 1803-1 Sep 1891) moved his family (his wife Mary was Henry's sister) to Mt. Carroll in 1845, making the trip from York County in 28 days, 8 days by land and 20 days by boat, landing 8 May 1845 at Savannah, IL. It is not immediately known for which Strickler family Strickler Avenue has taken its name.
Strickler Apartments, Bridgewater, Rockingham Co., VA. Located on the campus of Bridgewater College, Strickler apartments are so named for the family there that has supported that college for many years. The names of those patrons are not immediately known but are probably the same Strickler family that started Rocco Industries, a multi-billion dollar agricultural company specializing in the poultry and feed market
Strickler Avenue, Waynesboro, PA. Strickler Ave. in Waynesboro, Franklin Co., PA runs south from Buchanan Trail East to Amsterdam Rd. in the Wayne Heights neighborhood. The Strickler family settled in the Franklin County, PA area as early as 1807 when Henry Strickler 3rd (6 Sep 1750-17 May 1816) first moved there from Hellam, York Co., PA. It is not immediately known for which Strickler family Strickler Avenue has taken its name.
Strickler Drive, Kingsport, Sullivan Co., TN Located southeast of Kingsport in Sullivan Co., TN Strickler Drive is a short loop road extending off of Cedar Avenue. It is unknown what branch of the Tennessee Strickler family this loop road is named after.
Strickler Hollow, Sullivan Co., TN. Located in Sullivan County, TN, Strickler Hollow became so known with the arrival of the descendants of Samuel Strickler (20 Mar 1759-14 May 1833) who moved to Sullivan County between 1798 and 1804.
Strickler Lane, Wrightsville, Hellam, York Co., PA. Strickler lane is a short road leading south off of Lincoln Highway near Hellam in York Co., PA. Strickler lane connects to Strickler School Road. There were dozens of Strickler families that lived in this area so it is impossible to determine which Strickler this lane has taken it’s name.
Strickler Lane, New Market, Shenandoah Co., VA. Strickler Lane near New Market, VA is so named for the Benjamin Harvey Strickler (7 Sep 1799-17 Mar 1856) family that settled there about 1820. The lane travels east off of Smith Creek Rd. and terminates about a mile later in George Washington National Forest. Benjamin Strickler was a prominent farmer and successful miller.
Strickler Place, Rixeyville, Culpeper Co., VA. Strickler Place is located south of Rt. 211 at Rixeyville, Culpeper County. It is unknown which Strickler family the place is named. However it may be reasonable to guess that it is named for descendants of Samuel Wellington Strickler (12 Jun 1842-27 Apr 1927) who on 20 March 1895 moved to a 275 acre farm near Midland, Fauquier Co., VA. Midland is near Rixeyville.
Strickler Road, Amanda, Fairfield Co., OH. A short segment of Rt. 73 in Fairfield Co., Co, OH is identified as Strickler Road. Over the years many Strickler families have settled in Fairfield County. Of those the most prominent was the
Strickler Road, Baltimore, MD Location and origin undetermined
Strickler Road, Clarence, Erie Co., NY. Rt. 219 in Erie County, NY is known as Strickler Road. The Strickler family first settled near Clarence, NY as early as 1816. On 26 Mar 1801 Ulrich Strickler (1Mar 1767-14 Oct 1838) sold his 196 acres of land in Hellam, York Co., PA and by 1803 had moved his family to Niagara, NY. In 1808 he was living in Niagara, Ontario, CAN and was still there in 1813. By 1816 he was living in Clarence, NY. His sons Samuel, John, Jacob and Daniel, all lived prosperous lives in the Clarence community. Samuel left Clarence for Goshen, IN.
Strickler Road, Clarence Center, Erie Co., NY. Rt. 269 in Erie Co., NY is a continuation of Strickler Road, Clarence, Erie Co., NY. See Strickler Road, Clarence, Erie Co., NY.
Strickler Road, Colorado Springs, CO. Less than ½ mile in length, Strickler Road, Colorado Springs, CO is located just west of Rt. 115 and runs north from Rt. 85 until it merges with Haney Rd. It is not immediately known what Strickler this road is named for but it is most likely that it was named for William Mayberry Strickler (28 Sep 1838-26 Oct 1908). William M Strickler was a prominent physician who in 1869 moved to Colorado Springs from Page County, Virginia. In 1874, while in Colorado Springs he built the Elk Hotel. He was in 1893 elected President of Colorado Springs city council and then was named Mayor. He is credited as one of the saviors of Colorado Springs. In 1893 he devised the plan that would provide Colorado Springs with a water supply. (See Strickler Tunnel)
Strickler Road, Crescent City, Putnam Co., FL. Nothing is known of the origins of this short road located in Crescent City, Florida. There are many Stricklers living in Florida, however after researching phone records and address books I could find no record of Stricklers living today in Crescent City, FL. Therefore it is nearly impossible to even guess which Strickler line this road is named after.
Strickler Road, Denver, Lancaster Co., PA. This road is located on the north side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Denver, Lancaster County, PA. Unfortunately because of the many Strickler families that have lived in Lancaster County, it is nearly impossible at this time to determine which Strickler family this road is named after.
Strickler Road, Lewisburg, Union Co., PA. Beginning at Rt. 45 to the east, Strickler Road runs a short distance west thru Union County, PA merging into Green Ridge Road at a junction with Buffalo Creek. Rd. just east of Mifflinburg, Union Co., PA. Among the earliest Strickler settlers in Union County, PA was Jacob Strickler (4 Mar 1805-26 Oct 1829) a native of Hellam, York Co., PA who in 1836 moved to Union County with his wife Rebecca Smith and children Elizabeth, Jacob and John. Their children Ulrich, Henry, Rebecca, Catherine, Michael, Peter, Isaac and Daniel Strickler were all born in Union County, PA. Jacob’s sister Catherine (2 Dec 1794-17 Apr 1863) joined him in Union County.
Strickler Road & North Strickler Road, Manheim, Lancaster Co., PA. Strickler Road and North Strickler road are a continuation of Strickler Rd., Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., PA. This segment of the road runs northward to Hossler Rd.
Strickler Road, Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., PA. This Strickler Road runs 1.4 miles between Rt. 772 at Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., PA and Rt. 230 (E Main St) Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., PA. This is the area first settled in 1740 by Hans Jacob Strickler (ca 24 Mar 1708-ca 28 Jun 1782) a 1737 immigrant on the ship Charming Nancy.
Strickler Road, Naubinway, Mackinac Co., MI. Efforts have come up short to locate relatives of the Strickler family for which Strickler Road might be named. The road is located near the town of Naubinway, MI on the Upper Peninsula. It runs east off of Borgstrom Rd. and merges with Strickler Trail, ending at Hog Island, Rd. All these roads are in Lake Superior State Forest.
Strickler Road, Robesonia, Berks Co., PA. It is not known which Strickler family this road is named. However it is not unwise to think it is named for descendants of Johann Andreas Strickler a 1732 immigrant and settler to Lebanon Co., PA. His descendants lived in nearby Newmanstown and records show his descendants crossed the county line into Berks Co., PA. The road travels about a mile north to south between N Church Street and Brownsville Road. (See Stricklerstown)
Strickler Road, Strickler, Fayette Co., AR. Strickler road runs south from Strickler, AR continuing some 6.7 miles until its terminus near the town of Anna, AR. A small dirt trail continues thru to Rt. 220 at Anna, AR.
Strickler Road, Vanderbilt, Fayette Co., PA. This is a short dead end road running for ¾ of a mile northward off of Virginia Run Road west of Vanderbilt, Fayette Co., PA. It is unclear which of the many Fayette County Strickler families this road is named for.
Strickler Road, Wernersville, Berks Co., PA This road is the same as Strickler Road in Robesonia, Berks Co., PA. (See Strickler Road, Robesonia, Berks Co., PA)
Strickler School, Hellam, York Co., PA. Details about Strickler School are sketchy. The school is located on the road of the same name, Strickler School Road.
Strickler School, Strickler Springs, Rockbridge Co., VA. The Strickler school was located on the hill above Strickler Springs. The Strickler (a.k.a. Wilson Springs) Cemetery is located near the old schoolhouse which was also used as a Presbyterian Church before the establishment of Bethesda Presbyterian Church at Rockbridge Baths.
Strickler School Road, Hellam, York Co., PA. Spanning a short distance between Strickler Lane and Mt Pisgah Rd. near Hellam, York Co., PA, Strickler School Road is named for the old Strickler School. Further details have yet to be revealed.
Strickler Street, Newmanstown, Lebanon Co., PA. Strickler Street is short street near the Springhaven community in Lebanon Co., PA. The street is named for descendants of Johann Andreas Strickler a 1732 settler in Lebanon Co., PA whose descendants lived in Newmanstown. (See Stricklerstown, PA)
Strickler Street, Perryopolis, Fayette Co., PA. Less than a mile long, Strickler Street is located east of Rt. 51 in Perryopolis, PA. Many Stricklers lived in the Perryopolis area. Among the earliest were descendants of Henry H Strickler (20 May 1785-24 Aug 1854) and his wife Elizabeth Newmyer. His son Jacob (12 Feb 1807-12 Aug 1881) resided in Perryopolis by 1828 when on Feb 11 1828 his oldest daughter Diana Strickler was born there.
Strickler Street, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA. Located in the Epslen community on the south side of the Ohio River, northwest side of Pittsburgh, the exact Strickler family for which Strickler Street is named remains unknown.
Strickler Street, Waco, York Co., NE. Rt. 93B, running north to south thru Waco, York Co., NE is known there as Strickler Street. In February 1876, Joseph Woodward Strickler (19 Sep 1837-23 Jan 1903), a native of Fayette Co., PA, settled in section 31 Waco Twp., Waco, York Co., NE. He moved there with his wife Nancy A Bennett and 5 children; Thomas Jefferson, Emma Hope, Bertha Kate and Elizabeth Josephine. One child, Franklin J M Strickler had died in IL. Three more children George Benton, Adaline A and Nellie Irene were born in Waco. Joseph was joined in Waco by his brother Caleb Strickler (20 Nov 1847-22 Feb 1925) whose wife Julia A Bennett bore him 5 children; Lucy, Edith, Charles, Elmer and Mary.
Strickler Trail, Naubinway, Mackinac Co., MI. See Strickler Road, Naubinway, Mackinac Co., MI
Strickler Tunnel, Colorado Springs, CO. Located high in the mountains near Pike’s Peak above the town of Colorado Springs, Strickler Tunnel was the brainchild of Dr. William Mayberry Strickler (28 Sep 1838-26 Oct 1908). With reference to the lack of water in the town, in 1893 William Strickler came up with a plan of action. On the west side of Pike's Peak at an elevation of 10,258 ft was lake Moraine. The capacity of that lake was 492,168,000 gallons of water. He would drill a tunnel up to the lake and use its water in the future. This proposal was approved. Strickler Tunnel was finished at a cost of $100,000. The tunnel is still working in present day.
Strickler Wildlife & Hunters Access Road, Rockbridge Co., VA (see below)
Strickler Wildlife and Hunting Preserve, Rockbridge Co., VA. Located in northwestern Rockbridge County, VA near its intersection with Augusta County and just south of Campbelltown, Strickler Preserve is so named after the Strickler family that has for several generations lived and hunted on that property that belongs to the state of Virginia. The trailhead is located off the northbound land of Rt. 601 in Rockbridge County just across from “Strickler’s Garge”. A forestry sign marks the trailhead. These Stricklers are descendants of James Franklin Strickler, Sr. (1837-1900) and his wife Ellen Jane Anderson
Stricklers Avenue, Delphos, Ottawa Co., KS. A short section of 90th Rd. in Ottawa County, KS in the town of Delphos is known as Stricklers Avenue. It is unknown which Strickler family lived in Delphos. It is possible that the Stricklers in Delphos were relatives or descendants of the Stricklers at nearby Salina, KS.
Stricklers Church, Rockbridge Co., VA. Stricklers church no longer exists. It was established as early as 1810 when Daniel Strickler moved to Rockbridge County living on the farm that became known as Strickler Springs. The church was the forerunner of Bethesda Presbyterian Church which is today located at Rockbridge Baths. The church, which was also used as a school, was located near the Strickler Cemetery, today commonly misnamed the Wilson Springs Cemetery. The cemetery is located high on a hill overlooking Strickler Springs and today is in a state of chronic disrepair. The church was used until the 1830’s at which time the Bethesda Church began sharing a building with the Episcopal Church at Rockbridge Baths. In 1842 the first Bethesda Church was built at Rockbridge Baths.
Stricklers Ford, Page Co., VA. Located in Page County, Virginia, Strickler Ford is today just a memory. Found on various maps as late as 1888 few people today know of its existence or call it by that name. The Ford was a location on the Shenandoah River used to transport goods from one side of the river to the other. The Strickler family ran it, however details about it are sketchy.
Stricklers Knob, Page Co., VA. Located in Page County, Virginia, Stricklers Knob is the highest point in Virginia’s Massanutten Range. The knob is visible as far away as Waynesboro, Virginia (I can see it from my house about 65 miles away). The knob takes it name from being located directly behind and above the Egypt Tract where Abraham Strickler permanently settle in the 1730’s. The view shown  below was taken about 1920 from White House Bridge and was published in Forerunners. The view to the right was taken from Ft Stover in 1999.
Stricklers Pass (Goshen Pass), Rockbridge Co., VA. Located in Rockbridge County, Virginia and today known as Goshen Pass, Stricklers Pass as it was for years known, begins to the east at Strickler Springs (Wilson Springs) and dissects the mountains via the Maury River some 8 miles exiting near the town of Goshen, for whence the pass has now taken its name. Renowned for its natural beauty and remoteness the pass has often been named one of America’s best short scenic drives. The area is noted for the floral blooms, the great fishing and the 2,000 ft mountain cliffs that define the borders of the pass. Before being known as Strickler Pass the pass was often referred to as Dunlap Pass.
Stricklers School, Luka, KS The school was located 3 miles west of Luka, KS. The area was known as Stricklers School. No further details are known at this time.
Stricklers Springs (Wilson Springs), Rockbridge Co., VA. Located on Route 39 west at the east entrance to Goshen Pass in beautiful Rockbridge County, Virginia. Strickler Springs was first known by that name about 1818. In 1810 Daniel Strickler relocated his family there from Rockingham County, Virginia. During his residence there the farm grew to nearly 1000 acres and included many springs for which the area received its name. Earliest record of it being called Strickler Springs comes from the records of a local minister who first noted in 1818 he was visiting the Stricklers at the springs. The family lived on main plantation until the 1843. Most of the land was sold to the Wilson family who until recently still owned the springs. The Wilson family made the springs popular as a resort. At its peak over 300 people could stay over in comfort at the springs. Diary records of H.B. Jones from 19 August 1852 still call the springs Strickler Springs. I have seen several maps from the 1860’s in which the name Strickler Springs was still used. Last record of the name Strickler Springs such called is in 1878 when another visiting minister said he rode back to Strickler’s Springs. By this time the springs was most commonly known as Wilson Springs. During the Civil War the springs was an important depot and many cabins were built to house troops. Only a few of the cabins still remain, many being disposed of to widen Rt. 39. Today the name Wilson Springs is still used. The current owner of Strickler Springs, Royster Lyle, has made great efforts to reassemble as much of the original Strickler tract as possible. He has also had the farm registered as a historic landmark and efforts to preserve it are underway. The Strickler Cemetery is on a hill nearby.
Stricklerstown, Lebanon Co., PA (40°19’30”N by 76°13’34”W). Stricklerstown, PA is located in the southeast corner of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. The Strickler family first settled the area shortly after 11 September 1732 when the immigrant Johann Andreas Strickler (12 Jan 1705-6 May 1796) and his first wife Margaretha Kirsch (8 Oct 1708-12 Oct 1753) landed at Philadelphia aboard the ship Pennsylvania Merchant. Until this day descendants of this immigrant family still live within a stones throw of the Stricklerstown area.
Stricklerstown Loop, Lebanon Co., PA. Stricklerstown Loop runs east off of Stricklerstown Road beginning at Stricklerstown and making a circle back to Stricklerstown Rd. just south of Stricklerstown. (See Stricklerstown and Stricklerstown Road)
Stricklerstown Road, Lebanon Co., PA. Stricklerstown Road generally runs northeast to southwest across the southeast portion of Lebanon Co., PA, traveling thru Stricklerstown and beginning at PA Rt. 897 to the south and terminating 4 miles later at Zeller Rd. to the north. (See Stricklerstown)
Stricklerville, Rockbridge Co., VA. You will never find Stricklerville on a map. Stricklerville is located in a remote area south of Campbelltown and just west of the Little Calf Pasture River flood plain. The area, so named for the many Strickler families that lived there, was never formally recognized or officially designated as a place having that name. But everyone of the older stock from that area called the place Stricklerville. Even today descendants of these families will occasionally be heard speaking of Stricklerville. The Strickler family first inhabited Stricklerville shortly after the Civil War. By 1867, Daniel Wilson Strickler (15 Jun 1848-15 Jun 1929) was a resident on the Little Calf Pasture River. Daniel was joined there in 1873 by his brother William Saintly “Bill” Strickler (2 Nov 1846-c1918) and then in1883 by his brother James Franklin Strickler (7 Jan 1837-29 Jul 1900). Today descendants of James nd William Strickler still live in the area.
Places Named After the "Strick"
Here is a list of places identified as laying on the “Strick” from where the Strickler name originated. All these places use the root “Strick”. (See the Chapter on Name Origins)
Strickfelden, Richterswil, Zürich, Switzerland
, Richterswil, Zürich, Switzerland
Strickmatt, Richterswil, Zürich, Switzerland
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