1800 to Present

c1815 Heinrich Strickler
Richterswil, ZH, CH to Pie di Monte, Neapel, India (Family records )
Heinrich went to India as a missionary. He was a tailor by trade. He married in India to Elisabeth Strickler who was a distant cousin and also from Richterswil. They married 24 March 1816 in Pie di Monte and had one son there named Jacob Strickler.

1836 Heinrich Strickler Rotterdam to Philadelphia (Naturalizations) Heinrich appears to have remained in Philadelphia.

c1845 Anton Strickler Ringsheim, Baden, GER to America (Kirchenregister Ringsheim, Germany)
The church register of Ringsheim simply states that Anton Strickler “Nach Amerika ausgewandert“ went to America. The date of this statement is 1845. Anton does not appear in the 1880 census. Anton was born 16 Jan 1823 at Ringsheim, GER to Karl and Johanna (Frank) Strickler.

By 1848 ? & Margareth Strickler Bavaria to Missouri (1880 Census) In 1880 Margareth is living in St. Louis with her daughter who was born in MO in 1848. So we can assume that this family immigrated by 1848 to MO. Margareth is listed as being married, not widowed, but her husband cannot be found. But likewise it lists their daughter as single but lists her with a married name. So the census may just be incorrect about Margareth being married. Both he and Margareth were from Bavaria. From the 1880 census:
Margareth Strickler age 67 b. BAV, house keeper, parents b. BAV
Mary (Strickler) Babinger (dau) age 32 b. MO, parents both from Bavaria
Anna Babinger (gdau) age 10 b. MO, school, father b. BAV mother b. MO
Conrad Babinger (gson) age 6 b. MO, school, father b. BAV mother b. MO
William Babinger (gson) age 4 b. MO, father b. BAV mother b. MO\
Jacob Babinger (gson) age 2 b. MO, father b. BAV mother b. MO

By 1850 Jacob Strickler Baden, GER to Philadelphia to Indiana (Galveston) Jacob arrived in America, probably at Philadelphia and moved west to Indiana. He came to America before 1840, when his son Philip was born in Indiana. This date is questioned in 1880 when Jacob’s son, Jacob, Jr., lists that he was born in 1845 in Baden, Germany. It is safe to assume that Jacob, Sr. immigrated by 1850. He lived with his son Phillip in 1880. He may be the brother of Martin Strickler who lived in St. Joseph Co., IN (see below) From the 1880 census:
Jacob Strickler (Father) age 73 b. Baden, retired, parents b. Baden
Phillip Strickler (son/head) age 40 b. Indiana, farmer, parents b. Baden
Mary Ann Strickler age 34 b. OH, house keeper, parents father b. UNK mother b. OH
Emma Strickler age 11 b. IN
William Strickler age 8 b. IN
Frank Strickler age 6 b. IN
Grace Strickler age 4 b. IN
Minnie Glass (other) age 15 b. IN, servant, father b. GER

1850’s Jeremiah Strickler Name Change (Family Records ) Jeremiah married in 1851. His children appear as both Strickler and Stricler. His son John Wesley Strickler indeed used the name Stricler as do his descendants. Jeremiah was the son of George Strickler and Barbara Ann Brakefield. George was born in Germany and immigrated with his father George in 1792.

1850 D and W Strickler from unknown to San Francisco, CA (Rasmussen, Louis J.)
The identity of these two Stricklers remains unknown. It is not clear if they immigrated from somewhere within the United States of if they immigrated from some foreign port.

c1855 Johann Adam Strickler Edenkoben, Bavaria to Manhattan, NYC (1880 Census) It is unclear when he arrived in America. He probably arrived in America about the same time as Philip Strickler. Philip arrived  prior to 1857. He was the son of Abraham Adam & Anna Catharina (Goering) Strickler. No known children. From the 1880 census:
Adam Strickler age 55 b. BAV, shoemaker, parents b. Bavaria
Charlotte Strickler age 51 b. BAV, house keeper, parents b. Bavaria

c1855 Phillip Jakob Strickler
Edenkoben, Bavaria to Manhattan, NYC (1880 Census) Phillip immigrated before 1857, when his son Jakob was born in NYC. He was the son of Abraham Adam & Anna Catharina (Goering) Strickler. Among his children: (from 1880 census & other sources)
Phillip Strickler age 59 b. BAV, retail grocer, parents b. Bavaria
Catherine Caroline Ulrich age 54 b. ALS, housekeeper, parents b. Alsace
Jakob Strickler b. 1857 in NYC d. aft 1880 last of NYC
Eve Strickler age 21 b. NY, at home
Marie Strickler b. c1861 NYC md Alois F Hrdlicka
Eliza Strickler age 17 b. NY, store clerk

By 1860 Martin & Lena Strickler
Alsace to America (1880 Census) Martin arrived in America with his wife prior to 1861. By 1861 he was a resident of Indiana. He may be the brother of Jacob Strickler the immigrant to Indiana (see above). In the 1880 census he stated he was from Alsace and his wife from Württemberg, GER. His family in 1880:
Martin Strickler age 65 b. Alsace, farmer, parents born in Alsace
Lena Strickler age 52 b. Wüttemberg, house keeping, parents born in Wüttemberg
Catharine Strickler age 19 b. Indiana
Frederick Strickler age 19 b. Indiana, laborer
Theodore Strickler age 16 b. Indiana, laborer
Charles Strickler age 14 b. Indiana
Clarrisa Strickler age 12 b. Indiana
Lana Strickler age 5 b. Indiana

Bef 1864 ? & Mary A Strickler
France to Massachusetts (1880 Census) In 1880 Mary Strickler is widowed. She lives in Worcester with her two sons, daughter, her husband and several randchildren. They immigrated prior to 1864 as their son Frank was born in Massachusetts in 1864. Both Mary and her dead husband were from France. The family In 1880:
Mary A Strickler age 54 b. France, parents from France
Frank B Strickler age 16 b. Massachusetts, emp. Organ shop
Edward Strickler age 12 b. Massachusetts, attends school
Eugene G Lavois age 28 b. Canada, emp. Smith Shop, parents from Canada, son-in-law
Mary A (Strickler) Lavois age 29 b. France
Cora M Lavois age 5 b. Massachusetts
Gertrude Lavois age 3 b. Massachusetts

c1864 Augustine Strickler, Sr. Baden to Cincinnati, OH (1880 Census) Augustine immigrated after 1843 and prior to 1866. His oldest son Augustine, Jr. was born in Cincinnati, OH in 1866. He may have immigrated with his father. His mother and sister are living with him in 1880. From the 1880 census:
Augustine Strickler age 40 b. Baden, tailor, parents b. Baden
Fredericka Strickler age 30 b. Baden, housekeeper, parents b. Baden
Augustine Strickler age 14 b. Cincinnati, OH
Charles Strickler age 12 b. Cincinnati, OH
Barbara Strickler age 10 b. Cincinnati, OH
Mary Strickler age 5 b. Cincinnati, OH
Josephine Strickler age 3 b. Cincinnati, OH
Albina Strickler age 6m b. Cincinnati, OH
Barbara Strickler (grandmother) widowed, age 79 b. Baden, at home, parents b. Baden
Mary Anna Strickler (sister) age 38 b. Baden, tailor assistant, parents b. Baden

1865 Caspar Strickler Rotterdam to New York City (Declaration… ) It is uncertain if he left any descendants in America. He immigrated and migrated to Colorado. He does not appear in the 1880 US Census.

1866 Frederick Strickler
Rotterdam to Philadelphia, PA (Naturalizations) No record of Frederick in the 1880 US Census.

1868 Albert Strickler Weisbaden to America (1880 Census) In 1880, Albert was a resident of Wilson Co., KS. He immigrated to America before 1870, when his son was born in Kansas. He lists his place of origin as Weisbaden, Germany and states his parents were born there as well. From the census:
Albert Strickler age 41 b. Weisbaden, Farmer, parents from Weisbaden
Rebecca Strickler age 35 b. Iowa, Keeping House, parents from Pennsylvania
Herman Strickler age 10 b. Kansas
Etta Strickler age 4 b. Kansas
Louis Strickler age 2 b. Kansas

By 1869 Hans Heinrich Schearrer
Schönenberg, Zürich, Switzerland to Utah Co., UT (Family Records and Baptismal Records ) Hans Schearrer immigrated to America after 1852 and before 1869. His port of entry is unknown. By 1870 he was living in Utah Co., UT where he died in 1889. He was
born 13 May 1813 in Schönenberg, Zürich, Switzerland. He was Morman and had two wives Anna Goetz and Paulina Ott. Heinrich was the son of Hans Jacob Schearrer and Elizabeth Staub. Elizabeth Staub was the great-granddaughter of Hans Rudolf Fuegli and his wife Elisapätha Strickler who was born 3 Jul 1681 a daughter of Hans Jakob Strickler b. 29 Oct 1636, son of Abraham Strickler b. 9 Jul 1611, son of Jeorg Strickler b. 1585, son of Heinrich Strickler b. 1541

?1870’s Martin Strickler Baden, GER to San Francisco, CA (1880 Census) The 1880 census lists Martin living in an apartment complex with 11 others. Among them are a cook, saloon keeper, two sailors, a machinist, three laborers, a huckster and a carpenter. They are from these countries: Sweeden, Hamburg, GER, Schleswig/Hanover, GER, France and Prussia. Martin Strickler was a widow aged 51 years born in Baden. His parents were also born in Baden, GER. He was working as a Painter. He and his deceased wife apparently had no children to survive them as none are found in California. Or he may have immigrated leaving children in the old country.

By 1873 John Strickler
Germany to Kentucky 1880 Census It is not known the exact time John and his wife Mary arrived in America. Nor is it known the place. It can be determined that they arrived in America and were living in Kentucky by 1873. John worked as a varnisher. From the 1880 census:
John Strickler age 41 b. GER, varnisher, parents b. GER
Mary Strickler age 44 b. GER housekeeper, parents b. GER
Lena Strickler age 7 b. KY, at school, parents b. GER
Fred Ottmeyer (other) age 22 b. IN, cabinetmaker, parents b. GER

By 1873 Jacob Strickler Switzerland to Philadelphia to Ohio (1880 Census)
Jacob Strickler arrived in America, probably at Philadelphia and by 1873 had settled in Toledo, Ohio. He was probably married when he immigrated. From the 1880 census:
Jacob Strickler age 37 b. SWI, carpenter, parents b. SWI
Annie Strickler age 34 b. SWI, house keeper, parents b. SWI
Ralph Strickler age 7 b. OH
Mary Strickler age 5 b. OH
Jacob Strickler age 2 b. OH

1877 Theodore Strickler Rotterdam to Philadelphia, PA (Naturalizations) Born in Baden, Germany, Theodore remained in Philadelphia where he worked as a Cooper. He immigrated with his wife and six children. His daughter Louisa is also listed as a servant in the household of Gustavus Bergner and wife Cathrine. Gustavus was a brewer. The Bergners were from Saxony. From the 1880 census:
Theodore Strickler age 45 b. GER, cooper, parents b. GER
Magdallena Strickler age 46 b. GER, house keeper, parents b. GER
Louisa Strickler age 21 b. GER, servant
Arnold Strickler age 19 b. GER, driver
Otto Strickler age 17 b. GER, coachman
Charles Strickler age 16 b. GER, driver
Frank Strickler age 14 b. GER, cooper
Josephine Strickler age 13 b. GER, child’s nurse

c1877 John Strickler Wüttemberg, GER to Philadelphia, PA (1880 Census)
John immigrated to Philadelphia from Wüttemberg. In 1880 he was a butcher in Philadelphia. From the 1880 census:
John Strickler age 23 b. Wüttemberg, butcher, parents b. Wüttemberg
Anne Strickler age 17 b. PA, house keeper, parents b. Germany

c1877 Charles Strickler
Switzerland to Philadelphia, PA (1880 Census) Charles was born in Switzerland. He came to Philadelphia where he worked as a grocer. From the 1880 census:
Charles Strickler age 27 b. SWI, grocer, parents: father b. SWI mother b. Baden, GER
Henrietta Strickler age 25 b. PA, house keeper, parents: father b. Prussia mother b. Wüttemberg

By 1880 John Strickler
France to Pittsburgh, PA (1880 Cenus) In 1880 John lived with Amos Gabel and his wife Emma in Pittsburgh, PA. John was listed as the gardener, born in France. His parents were also born in France. John is single and aged 30 years. It is uncertain when and where he arrived in America.

By 1880 Victor Strickler
Baden to Montgomery Co., OH (1880 Census) In 1880, Victor Strickler, aged 50, born in Baden, GER, is listed as a farm laborer at the National Military Home of Montgomery Co., OH. His parents were both born in Baden, GER. He is there with dozens of other workers. He is listed as widowed. It is not known when he immigrated to America.

1880’s-1920’s Heinrich Arnold Strickler Richterswil, ZH, CH to Philadelphia, PA (Death Records of Philadelphia City, PA) Heinrich Strickler was born 3 Dec 1858 in Richterswil, ZH, Switzerland and immigrated to America after the 1880 census and before his death in Philadelphia on 19 November 1923.  His father was Hans Heinrich Strickler and mother Susannah Huber. His grandfather Jakob, great-grandfather Hans Ulrich, gg-grandfather Hans Jakob, ggg-grandfather Hans & gggg-grandfather Hans Strickler b.c1638. His lineage has not been traced beyond this first Hans.

1880 Henrich Strickler
Rotterdam to Philadelphia, PA (Erie Society) He was not found in the 1880 US Census, evidently immigrating after the completion of the census in Philadelphia. He may be the Heinrich Arnold Strickler who was born in Richterswil, Zurich, SWI and died in Philadelphia, PA in 1923.

27 Dec 1883 Heinrich Strickler
Richterswil, SWI to Chile, South America (Family Records)   
Heinrich Strickler and his wife Margaretha Strickler, immigrated to near Victoria, La Araucania, Chile. They first went there as missionaries but ended up remaining there. Till this day their descendants are still there. Heinrich b. 4 Oct 1846 in Richterswil was the son of Johannes Strickler and Susanna Tanner. Margaretha Strickler b. 7 Sep 1852 at Blegi, Huetten, ZH, SWI was the daughter of Hans Jakob Strickler and Barbara Hauser. Margaretha died in 1937. They had 10 children: Barbara Bertha, Freida, Heinrich Robert, Luise, Heinrich, Luisa, Lina, Emilio, Hans Johann and Heinrich Strickler.

27 Dec 1883 Emil Strickler Richterswil, ZH, SWI to Chile to Santa Fé, Argentina (Family Records)
Emil Strickler b. 16 Jan 1857 at Richterswil, ZH, SWI immigrated to Chile and then to Argentina. It is uncertain when he moved to Argentina. He died there 29 February 1928. He was a son of Johannes Strickler and Susanna Tanner, and a brother of Heinrich Strickler.

c 1885 Joseph Franz Strickler
Ettenheim, GER to Canton, Fulton Co., IL via Philadelphia? (Family Records) Joseph was born 29 Jan 1864 in Ettenheim, Germany and baptized there 1 Feb 1864 a son of Joseph Strickler & Ludovike Osner. Famiy records indicate that Joseph immigrated to America about 1885. He was not present in 1880. He moved westward to Fulton Co., IL where he married 6 Nov 1888 to Sarah Florence Sprague issue: Dorothy, Louise, Joseph Strickler. Joseph Franz Strickler was the son of Joseph, grandson of Balthasar Strickler, great-grandson of Josephus
Strickler whom married Maria Ursalae Saal.

1899 Henry Strickler to Indiana (Galveston) He may be the Henry Strickler who immigrated in 1880 to Pennsylvania.

1905-1906 Henry Otto Strickler Hombrechtikon, SWI to Utah (Swiss Records) Henry immigrated to America prior to his 18 Sep 1907 marriage in Manti, Sampete Co., UT to Rosalia Buhler. He likely immigrated with his sister who married in Switzerland in 1903. He was born 4 Aug 1883, the son of Friedrich Wilhelm Strickler and his wife Judith Wethli of Hombrechtikon, ZH, SWI. He lived in Ogden, Weber Co., UT dying there 21 November 1946. He had at least two children, Beulah Rosalia and another daughter.

1905-1906 Ida Strickler Jllnau, SWI to Utah (Swiss Records) Ida Strickler b. 5 Aug 1881, Stafa, Zurich, SWI was the sister of Henry Otto Strickler and the daughter of Friedrich Wilhelm Strickler and his wife Judith Welthi. She married 7 May 1903 in Jllnau, ZH, SWI to Johann Arnold Morf. They moved to Utah and lived in both Ogden and Salt Lake City. They had 8 children. She died in Salt Lake City 18 Mar 1952.

By 1916 Adam Hettinger Hettengen, GER to Boston., MA (Family Records LDS) Son of Joseph Michael & Julianna (Strickler) Hettinger. He lived in New Bedford, Bristol Co., MA. He probably immigrated thru Boston. His sister Maria may have also immigrated and his mother who died in 1884. Adam may have immigrated as early as the late 1860’s.

By 1930 Anna Elizabeth Louisa Schaerrer
Utah Co., UT to Chihuahua, Mexico (Records of the LDS) Anna was born in Hegi, Oberwinterthur, Zürich, Switzerland. She immigrated before 1869 with her father Hans Heinrich Schaerrer. Her connection to the Strickler family can be found above with Hans Heinrich Schaerrer. It is not known when or why she moved to Mexico. She died 20 June 1932 in Colonia Juarez, Mexico in Chihuahua province.

By 1960 Hiram Emery Strickler Minnesota, USA to Alberta, CAN (Family Records) Hiram was born 14 Jan 1901 probably in Minnesota where his parents married in 1889. Hiram died 28 Oct 1961 as a resident of Alberta, Canada. It is not known when he moved there. He married twice. His first wife Nancy Jane Knight died soon after marriage. They had no children. He married secondly to Eva Ashmont and had five children viz. Nora, Clifford, Cora, Harvey and Arlene.


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Immigrations and Migrations
Through out the centuries, generations of Stricklers have come and gone. In this time many families have by choice or by circumstance, moved from their birth land and settled elsewhere. The next few pages give a rough outline of the major movements of Strickler families. Here is how I have set up these pages.

The pages identify the date of an incident followed by the main name(s) involved. The name is followed by an event, in many cases the origin of departure and place of arrival, followed by the ship name. Sometimes an event is listed simply as a location. The event is followed by a list of sources. There is an explanation of the event that follows all the information.  Some of the events that are listed include:

Immigration: Immigration is a movement of a family from on location to another location outside of the country of birth. For example in 1727 Heinirch Strickler left Europe and came to America arriving at Philadelphia October 16, 1727. I have tried to identify as many immigrants as possible. The list I am afraid is still grossly short of completion.

Migration: Migration is a movement of a family from one location to another, yet remaining in the same country of their origin. For example in 1773 Daniel Strickler migrated from Lancaster Co., PA to Page Co., VA.

Only a few major migrations in America and in Europe have been included. It is impossible to list every migration of every Strickler family. I have also limited the list to only major migrations from state to state, not migrations within states.

Name Change: There are instances when the name of Strickler does not remain Strickler or becomes Strickler from another name. For instance Jacob Strickler of Bucks Co., PA probably finds his origins in Holland. It was not until 1711 that the name started evolving into Strickler, first becoming Strecklaar and then in 1719 Stricklaer and by the 1730’s Strickler.

I have chosen to include name changes with Immigration and Migration information because in a way a name change does represent a migration. Instead of a migration in a person’s location it is a migration in how they spell their names.

The name changes do not include the earliest mentions of the name Strickler during the 12-1400’s. During this period the way families used the name was in constant flux. It was not until the late 1400’s that the name settled as Strickler.
Pre 1700 records


1654 Hans Jacob, Hans Heinrich Strickler departed Hirzel, ZH, Switzerland and went to Alsace near Jebsheim or Monschweiler with members of the Landis family. (PA Mennonite History) They are absent from the 1657 Mennonite census of Hirzel. They both returned to Switzerland before December 1660 when Heinrich Strickler married in Hirzel.

1660 Hans Jacob, Hans Heinrich Strickler return to Switzerland from Alsace or the southern Pfalz when Hans Heinrich married in Hirzel in December 1660. Hans Jacob may have not returned until 1661 or 1662 when he married in Hirzel.

9 Feb 1671 Hans Strickler is held up at Kreusnach near Worms having left Switzerland with a large group of Mennonites. He writes to Amsterdam on their behalf in search of a safe inn for them to stay or relocate to. This is probably Hans Jacob Strickler b. 1636 or his brother Hans Strickler b. 1643.

4 April 1671 Hans Strickler is sent money from the church of Amsterdam. Hans had settled at Ibersheim. between Feb 1671 and April 1671.

1672 Rudolf Strickler Richterswilerberg, SWI to Mühlenberg, GER Immigration records of the Krachgau Son of Heinrich Strickler of Richterswil, he married in 1672 to Maria Wüst daughter of Leonard Wüst of Cleebroon, Wüttemburg, GER.

Dec 1675 Hans Jacob Strickler appears in the records of Marcholsheim, Alsace. (Alain Eckes, Alsatian Historian, Colmar, France) Alain Eckes, historian and guide in southeastern Alsace and a resident of Colmar, France. Alain took myself (Frank Duff), Herman Price, Romi Strickler de Ambrosis and Koebi Strickler on a tour of Mennonite farms and homes in area of Alsace. Among his papers was a vague reference to a Hans Strickler living at Marcolsheim in 1679 near the Mennonite farm there where he took us.

15 Dec 1679 Hans Jacob Strickler appears at Münchweiler or Monsheim (writting is unclear). Stricklers were found at Monsheim as late as the 1730's. (Alain Eckes)

15 Dec 1685 Hans Jacob Strickler
may be the Hans Jacob Trickler who appears at Heyerhof near Mönchsheimweiler in 1685. 15 Dec 1685, Heyerhof- Hans Jacob(s)Trickler with wife two sons and one daughter; also of note at Heyerhof was Peter Brubaker wife and 1 young child. With the known presence of Hans Jacob Strickler at an earlier date it is not unreasonable to believe that Hans Jacob Trickler is Hans Jacob Strickler. Mennonite church of Amsterdam archives, Holland. Microfilm rolls 1471 &1472

Sep 1691 Hans Strickler Ibersheim, GER Eastern Mennonite Library
Taken from a list of Mennonite representatives to an annual meeting. The text reads as follows: .....  Hans Strickler of Ibersheim

13 Oct 1693 Hans Strickler & wife Amsterdam, NE to Friederichstadt, S-H, GER Brieven aan die Gemeente….
Hans Conrad Strickler These Stricklers along with a number of other Mennonite families under the leadership of Rev. Plein, found it at this time (Hans) Jakob Strickler safe to return to Friedrichstadt, S-H, GER from Amsterdam, NE where this group of Mennonites had located with the help of the Flemish Mennonite Congregation of Amsterdam. They states in this letter (and a second one dated 26 Oct 1693) that they intended to return to Friederichstadt as soon as new farms could be found and their current farms and livestock could be sold. This large group of Mennonites returned to Friederichstadt by Dec 1693 at which time record of the families again begin to appear in the records of the church there.

24. Dec 1693 Hans Strickler Friederichstadt, GER (Sutter)
Hans Strickler is installed as a deacon of the Friederichstadt Church. A post he held until 1698.

1696-98 Hans Conrad Strickler Friederichstadt, S-H, GER to Tetenbühl, S-H, GER (Ledemaatenboek Passim ) As can be determined by a letter dated in 1698 (see reference later on) upon their return a few families of the Friederichstadt church removed to the Flemish Church located closer to Tetenbühl, S-H, GER. It is not known if the Hans Conrad Strickler family actually moved, or just simply moved their memberships.

09 Apr 1698 Hans Strickler Friedrichstadt, S-H-, GER to Ibersheim, Pfalz, GER Attesatie…
& wife Anna In the fall of 1697 the Ryswick Treaty brought a temporary peace to the Pfalz and Palatinate. This peace allowed for a number Mennonite Families to return to southern Germany. In a letter of intent written April 9, 1698, Hans Strickler and wife Antje (Anna) were named among those choosing to leave the Friederichstadt Church for the church at Ibersheim. Late in 1698 Hans was instilled as deacon of the Ibersheim Church.

Aug 1698 Hans Conrad Strickler Tetenbühl, S-H, GER to Friederichstadt, S-H-GER (Ledemaatenboek Passim )  Griette Hans Hendericks  Hans Conrad Strickler and his wife to be Griette Hans-Hendericks, were among those who refused to join a newly formed church. By mid 1698 one sect of the Frisian Congregation at Friederichstadt decided to merge with the High Flemish Congregation.

c1703 Hans Beorg Strickler
Feldmoos-Hütten, ZH, CH to Holland, NE (Hütten Parish Register)
Hans Beorg Strickler b. 12 Jun 1665 at Feldmoos in Hütten, ZH, CH son of Hans Rudolph & Anna (Goldschmidt) Strickler d. 20 Jun 1703 in Holland, Netherlands. His purpose for being in the Netherlands is unknown. He married 6 Oct 1685 in Richterswil, ZH, CH to Barbara Bär. They had five children all baptized in Richterswil viz. Hans Heinrich, Peter, Hans Rudolph, Hans Ulrich and Barbara Strickler. It is not known if the family went with Beorg to Holland. It is known that his children all lived in the Richterswil area after 1703.

17 Apr 1711 Jacob Strecklaar Brooklyn, NY to Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., NJ (Six Mile Run Register) This is the first time Jacob Strijker appears as Jacob Strecklaar. Prior to this he is called Jacob Strijker or Jans Jacob Strijcker. He is the Jacob Strickler of Bucks County, PA as listed in Strickler’s of Pennsylvania. Jacob was born 14 May 1699 In Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY a son of Jans Gerrett Strjyker and his wife Styntje Christiena Garrisen Doklandt. This family today carries the surname of Strickler, however the family origins are in Ruinen, Drenthe, Holland and can be traced there to the early 1500’s. Jacob’s lineage to these Dutch forefathers can be proven.

17 Apr 1711 Lammentje Stricklaer Brooklyn, NY to Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., NJ (Six Mile Run Register) She was the sister of Jacob Stricklaer. She first appeared in records of Six Mile Run as Lammentje Streyckear. She was born 22 November 1684 in Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY. She married by 1714.

Easter 1714 Jacob Stricklaer Six Mile Run, Somerset, NJ (Six Mile Run Register) He is first called Jacob Stricklaer.

Easter 1714 Lammantje Stricklaer
Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., NJ (Six Mile Run Church Register) She is called Lammantje Stricklaer wife of Jakob Wyckoff.

1714 Hans Jacob Strickler Tableton, Horgenberg, Hirzel, SWI to Strausburg, Alsace (Death records of Hirzel, SWI )  Hans Jacob Strickler moved from Tableton in 1714 and worked as a Baker in Strausburg, France until his death 11 May 1718. He was the son of Hans Jakob Strickler (b.12 Sep 1652) and Elsbeth Landis (b.22 Feb 1646)

c1718 Johann Georg Bachman Ibersheim, GER to Phladelphia via Rotterdam (Bachman Family Records ) John Georg “George” Bachman b. 1686 Richterswil, ZH, SWI d, 22 Nov 1753 Coopersburg, Upper Saucon Twp., Northampton Co., PA bur. Saucon Mennonite Church Cem. md Anna Maria Schenebele b. 12 Apr 1698 Ibersheim, GER d. 4 Nov 1776 in Coopersburg. They immigrated between 1718 and 1720, probably in 1719. Oldest son Heinrich was born in 1717 in Ibersheim, GER. Next son Jacob was born 1720 in PA. George Bachman is the son of Jos Bachman and Regula Treichler and grandson of Hans Jacob Bachmann & Regula Strickler b. 1630 of near Richterswil, ZH, CH.

16 Feb 1719 Jacob Stricklaer Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., NJ to Bucks Co., PA (N & S Hampton Register) Jacob and wife Lucretia Staats, a daughter born named Susanna Garrisen Stricklaer. Named after her grandmother Styntie (Susanna) Christiena Garrisen Doklandt Strijyker wife of Jans Gerrett Strijyker.

bef Aug 1725 Abraham Strickler Rotterdam to Philadelphia, ship unknown Lancaster Co. Tax 
First record of Abraham in America showing his immigration had to be prior to this. He may have immigrated the previous fall ca Oct 1724.

bef Aug 1725? Conrad Strickler Rotterdam to Philadelphia, ship unknown  Traditionally it is said he immigrated with Abraham Strickler. Conrad signed an oath of allegiance with Abraham Strickler March 1728

09 Sep 1725 Abraham Strickler Abraham Strickler is issued a trading pass allowing him to travel from Pennsylvania to Virginia for the purpose of fur trading. (Milbourne)

Sep 1727 Katharina Strickler Shellenberger Rotterdam to Philadelphia on the ship Molly (Rupp, Israel Daniel ) Anna Katharina Dorothea Strickler and husband Ulrich Schallenberger=> Shellenberger immigrate to Lancaster Co., PA settling there on 138.5 acres of land located next door to Abraham Strickler in West Hempfield, Lancaster Co., PA. She is probably a half-sister of Abraham, Heinrich and Conrad Strickler.

16 Oct 1727 Heinrich Strickler Rotterdam to Philadelphia aboard ship Friendship Egle, William Henry Heinrich, known later as Henry, arrived in Philadelphia, PA. From there he moved Giuseppi, Montague Spencer to Little Conestoga where he lived with Abraham Strickler until 1728. In that year Abraham and Henry and probably Conrad, all moved to a farm in what is today Pennsylvania (Colony) West Hempfield, Lancaster Co., PA. Abraham pays tax on this 160 acres of land thru 1732. In 1733 Heinrich Strickler begins to pay tax on the property. (Amerika-Auswanderer aus dem Obermat. Minutes of Provincial Council of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: Jo Severns & Co., 1852, pg 307.); (Johnson, Mrs. Arta F., Immigrant Ancestors. The Palatine Immigrant. The Palatine Immigrant vol 9:1 (Summer 1983). pg. 172) (Israel Daniel Rupp) (Ralph Strassburger)

Mar 1728 Abraham Strickler Oath of Allegiance and Naturalization PA Oaths
Mar 1728 Conrad Strickler Oath of Allegiance and Naturalization PA Oaths

11 Sep 1728 Johann Andreas Strickler Rotterdam to Philadelphia ship James Goodwill (Giuseppi, Montague Spencer ) (A S Brendle) Andreas settled in the part of Lancaster Co., PA that is now Lebanon Co., PA. Pennsylvania (Colony) Known as Andrew, a whole section of Stricklers of Pennsylvania is dedicated to him. However the book misreports his wives. Andreas married 1st 11 Apr 1728 at Bernwegen near Heidelberg, GER to Margaretha Kirsch. He married 2nd Oct 1761 in Lancaster Co., PA to Margaretha Catharina Graff. His parents remain unproved. He may be the son of Hans Jacob Strickler and wife Margarethe who lived near the village of Bernwegen.

08 Jan 1732 Hans Strickler
Ibersheim, GER (Mennonite Archives) Hans Strickler is installed as minister of the Mennonite Congregation of Ibersheim, Germany. He ministered there until his death in late 1736 or early 1737.

15 Dec 1733 Abraham Strickler Lancaster Co., PA to Page Co., VA (Virginia Land Grants )
Jacob Stover grants Abraham Strickler 1,000 acres of land in present day Page Co., VA. In the spring of 1734 Abraham Strickler moves his family to this land. Abraham had been coming to this location since 1725 and had established a small hut that served as a trading post.

08 Oct 1737 Hans Jacob Strickler Rotterdam to Philadelphia, PA on ship Charming Nancy (Egle, William Henry) (Daniel Rupp) (Ralph Strassburger) Hans Strickler died at Ibersheim leaving a family. His wife, Anna, and sons Hans Jacob, Ulrich and daughter Anna Barbara Strickler immigrated following his death. They settled as follows: Ulrich in York Co., Hans Jacob at Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co. with mother Anna and Anna Barbara who is believed to have married Christian Landes and settling near Hempfield, Lancaster Co., PA. An indenture in a Philadelphia Court Record dated 6 May 1743 shows that Hans Jacob Strickler was forced to pay a sum of money to London.  This was apparently money still owed for his import. Another sister may have been Maria Strickler who was underage and not listed at passage.

04 Sep 1754 Abraham Strickler
Rotterdam to Philadelphia, PA on ship Brothers (Egle, William Henry) (Rupp) (Strassburger) Abraham immigrated aged 40 years, a single man. There is no record of him in America. It is likely he never married and left no legacy. His absence from tax and land records suggest he never owned land. He likely lived with another member of the Strickler families in Pennsylvania. In 1742 Abraham was living at Kirschgartshaeuserhof near Ibersheim and Worms, GER. He was a yardman and was then single and Mennonite. He was the son of Hans Jacob and Margaretha Strickler who lived at Birkenauer, GER.

27 Oct 1764 Daniel Strickler
Rotterdam to Philadelphia, PA on ship Hero (Egle, William Henry) (Rupp) (Strassburger) What became of Daniel Strickler after his arrival in America has been a point of much speculation. However it now appears that he is the Daniel Strickler who 
married in 1772 in Frederick Co., MD to Maria Reininger. He also appears to be the same Daniel Strickler who in 1773, 1774 and 1776 appears in records of the Trinity Church of Lancaster Co., PA. His relationship to the other Strickler immigrants remains uncertain. He is believed to be, but not proven to be, a nephew or brother of Abraham the 1754 immigrant and a son or grandson of Hans Jacob and Margaretha Strickler of Birkenaur, GER. His father, if not Jacob, may have been another Daniel Strickler. Daniel may be the father of Conrad (b.c1775) and Johannes Strickler (b.c1778) who lived near Frederick, MD. He may be closely related to George Strickler who immigrated in 1792.

22 Nov 1773 Daniel Strickler Lancaster Co., PA to Page Co., VA (Shenandoah Co. DB D-P p. 38) Once thought to be the Daniel Strickler who immigrated in 1764, it is now known that Daniel was the son of Heinrich Strickler the 1727 immigrant. This Daniel Strickler in 1768 became a Brethren minister agreeing to ride a circuit. His circuit was into Virginia. He frequented the area that is today Pass Run in Page Co., VA (then Shenandoah Co.) He moved there in 1773 or 1774. This Daniel married Barbara Lehman of York Co., PA.

21 Oct 1777 Christopher Christian Strickler
Name Change (Reiher’s Reformed Church of Lancaster Co., PA ) A son of Johannes Strickler and Catharina Sprenkle, he appears in the will of Conrad Strickler d. 1793 and is mistaken as his son. Sometimes called Christian and others Christopher, in 1777 he dropped the “r” from his name. On 6 Jul 1776 he had a daughter Elizabeth baptized at Reiher’s Reformed Church in Lancaster County. Their names were spelled Strickler. Then on 21 Oct 1777 his son John Peter Strickler was baptized with the name of Strickle. Then on 30 April 1781 he had a son named Jacob baptized as Strickler. Descendants of John and Jacob used the name of Strickle.

08 Oct 1792 George Strickler Rotterdam to Philadelphia, PA (Strassburger, Ralph Beaver)
George arrived in America with wife Christina and several children. George Strickler became ill at sea. Family tradition states that he died upon the Atlantic. However immigration records show that he arrived in America sick and probably died soon afterwards, leaving his wife Christina and at least two proved children, George Strickler b.24-08-1790 and Maria Christina b.12-12-1791.  Many of the descendants of this family eventually spelled their names Stricler, for some odd reason dropping the “k”, yet still pronouncing it as Strickler.
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