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Or a few more detailed Hate analysises. (Analysisii??)


-- [Brianna] You know that strip scene? UST? No way. This had serious Hatred undertones.
Scully's position? She was basically saying, "Look at me, Mulder, I'm the sexiest chick you're ever going to lay eyes on, and this is the CLOSEST YOU'RE EVER GONNA GET to me, because you deserve NOTHING!!!!!!"
Mulder's reaction, which looks like calm professionalism, is actually him kinda going, "There's no way I'd ever even wanna touch you Scully, you're about as sexy as a toad. Go home and drown yourself, you ugly nothing!!"

-- [MuldersTwin] Mulder purposely sent her into that vent hoping she'd be sucked into the fan. Did you see how suprized he was to see her when she got out? What??? You're still alive??

-- [Kali_X_Phile] How about Scully's line from The Jersey Devil: "Keep it up, Mulder, and I'll hurt you like that beast woman!" Sure, they laughed it off, but I think it was a genuine THREAT! She really meant it!

-- [Brianna] Up in the Arctic, away from civilization, their Hate for each other is slowly chewing away at their souls. Finally it gets to them and they pull guns on one another. Scully takes great delight in locking Mulder away.

-- [DanaMulder34] Mulder is shot, Scully pretends to care. The hospital, she closes her eyes and turns away, secretly thinking Oh, my God! He's gonna make it! Damn! He says that she could've gotten herself killed but he's wishing that she had!


-- [Reef9000] Scully had to be the one to tell Mulder that they found his "sister's" bloated corpse. (Didn't she use the words, "We dragged her bloated dead ass out of the river"? Or something similar?)
-- Scully has no idea that The Bounty Hunter is impersonating Mulder. She thinks it's really Mulder and just wants to kick his ass. (The Bounty Hunter, imitating Mulder's thought processes and mental being, then proceeds to kick the crap out of Scully)

-- [Kali_X_Phile] While Scully's missing and possibly dead, he goes galavanting off with an alluring vampire wannabe, who then seduces him! As they say, "When the cat's away..."

-- [MuldersTwin] But what about Scully's whole "abduction" scenario? Sure, she comes out with this 'abducted by aliens' thing (her backup excuse) but in reality she secretly plotted with Duane Barry to help her escape Mulder. They had to bring her back to him unconcious because she refused, and then she tried like hell to stay unconcious but those damn doctors kept trying to bring her around! You could tell how much she wanted to shove that "Superstars of the Superbowl" video down his throat.
--[MostlyHrmles] What about One Breath, with Scully's mother about the grave stone. "It is too soon." subtext-I don't want to get my hopes up that she is actually dead and I will get a partner who actually helps my cause.
--[Kali_X_Phile] A new spin on why Mulder wants to shoot the people responsible for Scully's abduction: He only wanted to shoot them because Scully made it back alive!
--[DanaMulder34] Upon seeing Scully's headstone, Mulder turns away in a moment of sheer joy...
--[Kali_X_Phile] Mulder has to go down to the morgue to ID what could be Scully's body. Notice how he won't let the pathologist lift the blinds? No, he wants to enjoy this moment of his partner's demise all on his own! Then when it's not her, he turns around and looks like he's going to be ill! She could still be out there, somewhere, alive, waiting to return and torment him!

-- [Drali] Oh, and I was thinking about the time that Scully shot Mulder when Mulder was going to shoot Krycek. I can now see that it was clear Hate in action. What is more, rather than shooting to kill, she shot him in the shoulder - she wanted him to know that she could have killed him but he was not worth the lead in the bullet.
-- [???] Scully woke up scared when she saw Mulder in her dreams. Need I say more?


-- [Seventhwav] When Mulder is walking through the hospital looking for Modell, he has a camera showing his POV. When he swings the camera around and sees Modell with a gun on him, Scully jumps up out of the van in which she's watching the scene unfold not to come to his rescue, but to get there first because she wants to be the one to shoot him. She can't let Modell have all the fun!
-- [DanaMulder34] Scully gets mad during the Russian Roulette scene because there wasn't a bullet loaded when Mulder shot himself...
-- Want to read RedWingX's excellent Pusher analysis?

-- [Kali_X_Phile] Scully comes THIS CLOSE to shooting Mulder! What more evidence do you need? If only her mom hadn't gotten in the way and stopped her!


-- [DanaMulder34] Okay, you have a crazy man on the loose. You have a woman with Scully's luck whom this crazy man has a noticeable interest in. Logically, you stay with this woman. But no, Mulder sends Scully to pull the car around. He wanted her to have a lobotomy. At least then she'd shut up.

-- [Brianna] Come on! If there is one episode seething with Hatred, it's this one! Hostility on the rise, open out-and-out mocking. Not to mention a subtextual sexual prowess taunt on Scully's behalf (see who I can get, Mulder?), and some scathing rejection on Mulder's ("Congratulations on a second entry into the X-files ... that's a world record" -- at his most caring, obviously).

-- [Reef90000] Mulder found a bunch of Scully's ova. Knowing his partner's desires to have children, and the inability to have children without ova, Mulder keeps the eggs for himself. Probably makes them into some sorta omlette.

-- [Brianna] Scully's about to kiss the fake Mulder, when she sees the real Mulder, and gasps. (I was about to test my theory of infinity Hatred to make you explode and it wasn't even you?! Typical, you weasely bastard!)
BUT!!! at the same time, this is a nice Hatred backflip trick on Mulder. He sees this and thinks, "What?! Maybe she doesn't Hate me after all ... " That sends him into a self-doubting spiral of Hate-inspired shame, where he wonders if he really Hates her and vice versa, wonders if maybe he's been being unneccesarily cruel all this time.
Scully, of course, never has these moments of self-doubting -- 'cause she knows for a scientific fact that they Hate each other (oh yeah, and she's a cold, unforgiving heartless bitch ... )

-- [DanaMulder34] He's crying at her bedside becuase he realizes she's going to live.


-- [DanaMulder34] She tells him he should go to sleep first because she's tired of listening to him whine.
-- [Melanie] Mulder says that the best way to regenerate body heat is to take off all of your clothes and get into a sleeping bag with someone who is already naked. That is a huge slap in the face to Dr. Scully, who really should have known that, shouldn't she?
So Scully strikes back ... "Well, if it starts raining sleeping bags, maybe you'll get lucky."
IF it starts raining sleeping bags (which everyone knows it won't) maybe he'll get lucky and Scully will make some attempt to help him regenerate his body heat.

-- [ProzacQueen] Obviously, [the dance scene] was a slap in the face. Mulder had just gotten done dancing with the FREAK of the show FIRST, so then he insults Scully by dancing with her. What is she supposed to think about his taste in dancers after that? That he only wants the obviously UGLY partners?
-- Read Kali_X_Phile's detailed analysis of the final scene.

-- [Kali_X_Phile] Notice how Mulder has to call her every 5 minutes? He's doing his best to ANNOY her. He doesn't want her to have a good time on her vacation! Usually he can just bug her at work, but he resents the fact that she thinks she can go off and have fun while he's at the office!

-- [DanaMulder34] Mulder's interpretation of the sheriff was correct, but Scully imagined him as she did because he seemed a better choice than Mulder.
-- [Buckeygrl164] We see Mulder leaving Scully with Sherriff Hartwell saying, Don't say I never did nothing for you ... could the Hate be more apparent?
What he obviously is really thinking is 'Here you go, hooch. Knocking boots with Ed Jerse apparently wasn't enough for you so I'll give you an opportunity with the buck-toothed Forrest Gump of law enforcement (even though he's out of your league), while I go do some real work. Stupid slut, it's a good thing you can do autopsies because you obviously have no other value to me.' In fact, Mulder being so intuitive and all, he probably already had a hunch that the sherriff was a vampire and was hoping he'd just be rid of her in once and for all. And of course, we see throughout the entire ep their true perceptions of each other--Mulder sees Scully as a dowdy, annoying nag, and Scully sees Mulder as basically a hyperactive fruitcake.

-- [DanaMulder34] Scully walks in and sees Mulder in the pysch ward -- in restraints. SHE SMILES! Then he makes some sarcastic little comment about how she "must have seen this coming ... "
He's wishing it were her.
She is simply rejoicing in the moment.
"You're my one in 5 billion"--yeah, there's no one else on the planet he could hate more!
-- [MostlyHrmles] ... [Mulder's] line is "You are my one in five billion." (the only one dumb enough to fall for that line and think I actually mean anything by it. I can't believe I can manipulate you so easily).


-- [ProzacQueen] Mulder says he's going to buy her a soda (actually, Scully pushes the Hate on him and demands he buys her one), but GUESS WHAT. BIG FREAKING surprise, the guy doesn't get her one. He went to the machine with the bomb ON purpose (actually, it was probably an instinct of Hate), to further torture Scully. I bet she was thirsty. Cheap gifts has always been one of my favorite examples of hate.
-- [DanaMulder34] The way he throws her over his shoulder in FTF? Doesn't care...he only gives her CPR because if she dies, he wants the personal satisfaction of it being his fault...
-- [Kali_X_Phile] I just have to point out that after Scully was stung in FTF, that seemed to be a look of genuine relief on Mulder's face. He was probably thinking: "Thank God! What the hell was I just thinking?!"
--Read KPhoenix's more detailed Hate analysis.


-- [MostlyHrmles] There was clear Hatred: outside the house where the alien was 'born' she takes his hand and repeats what he told her "I kept you honest," etc. and he totally disses her (you actually believed that; you're even dumber than I thought).
Also in the 2nd part, after Scully and Diana have the cat-fight, and Scully walks out. Mulder has the great line "Actually,you hide your feelings very well," with the subtext of "I know you hate my guts as much as I hate yours."
Of course, she clearly hates the woman, and feels she is perfect for the idiot who falls for her.

-- [ProzacQueen] Ok. Remember the sunflower seed part in part 2? Where he takes the seeds and puts them in her hand and takes one away? The key to the Hate in this scene is where he takes one away, symbolizing the way he takes happiness away from Scully because he is selfish and mad and stupid.

-- [DanaMulder34] Hello! They SHOT each other (sorta) ... and they spent what should have been the last few minutes of their lives arguing ...

-- [Reef9000] When M&S are in the showers together they gaze upon each others naked bodies with looks of utmost disgust and repulsion. Scully comes really close to giving Mulder the finger (you can see it in her eyes...)

-- [Buckeygrl164] Scully asks Mulder when was the last time he had been on a date? Ohhh, the look on her face that says 'when was the last time you were on a date, you pathetic, alien-chasing loser that no woman on this entire earth would want to touch with a ten-foot pole? That's what I thought. GO BACK HOME TO YOUR LONELY PATHETIC EXISTENCE AND YOUR EVEN MORE PATHETIC PORN COLLECTION BECAUSE THAT'S ABOUT AS CLOSE AS YOU'LL EVER GET TO HAVING SEX EVER AGAIN, MORON!'

-- [Brianna] You know the way Mulder holds / touches Scully? That is him objectifying Scully, treating her like she is "just a woman", and massive disregard for her intelligence. He is kind of saying, "You will never be more to me than a one-night stand, and what's more, you're an idiotic dolt." Scully knows Mulder is doing this on purpose, and she plays into it to confuse him.
Doesn't Mulder steal Scully's weird yoghurt semi-food thing at the start?? He just wanted to take it into a corner to spike it ... not to kill her, y'understand, just make her unbearably miserable.
-- [Chievrefueil] In the baseball scene, Mulder is trying his hardest to seduce Scully into having a one-night-stand so he can torture her every day with little smirks and references to it. Scully's motivation is that it's a great opportunity to "accidently" elbow him in the groin.

-- [Brianna] Mulder's hallucination - his dreams come true. He gets abducted, and gets proof of alien existence.
Scully's dreams come true? Mulder dies.


-- [Brianna] As Melanie pointed out, that great I'm going to shock you to death scene.
Mulder: "Everything's gone missing!"
Scully: "Oh yeah? Well Diana's dead and I'm going to rub it in your face!"
Terribly sensitive of her.
-- [Raynrox] Mulder: You are my touchstone, my constant. (If I had some rocks I'd thwak them at u til you went away)
Scully: ::latent evil grin::As you are mine. (I'll haunt you til you die, if i don't kill you myself!)

-- [Brianna] For two people who Hate each other and are repulsed by each other, it sure was a pretty lacklustre lip-rubbing. But how was that "the world didn't end"? If that wasn't a thinly-veiled critisism on her kissing abilities then I don't know what is! "No, it didn't" with a sneer (thanks Buckeye! :-)) to reply. (ie. I'll say it didn't you ne'er-be-laid pathetic meal of a man!!!)
-- [Reef9000] After all the salt that Mulder had consumed that episode from the mouths of dead men, plus a truly nasty meatball sub with onions and green peppers, Mulder began to get a horrific stomache ache. So, because he really hates Scully, Mulder let rip a foul tasting, and worse smelling belch which he kept trapped in his mouth. Upon kissing Scully, he performed what is known as a "blow-back" and blew the trapped belch into her mouth and nose. (Truly a disgusting act if you've never done it or had it done to you...) Hence Mulder's sneaky little smile afterwards, and Scully look of confusion and disgust...
-- [Raynrox] ...and he put his arms around Scully to add to digust and humiliation she felt! (that little smirk on scully after the kiss was at first an indication of the embarrassment and defeat she must have felt...but then only reflected her growing malevolent scheme for revenge...)
-- Read Kali_X_Phile's excellent detailed Hate analysis of the lip rubbing.

-- [Brianna] "We're Old and Stupid." So close, Mulder, so close!! You nearly said the magic phrase -- Mad and Stupid!!!! Whenever Mulder mentioned the age thing, Scully would give him what was called a "speak for yourself, I'm only 35" look [apologies, someone else said that and I can't remember who. Great line though].
Mulder was clearly passing comment on Scully, there -- old and stupid. And boy, didn't she look pissed about it!!! Whoa, Hate sparks there.

-- [Brianna] Mulder's such a pathetic specimen of man, he can't even fix a sink. Remember which way clockwise is, Mulder?? And then he falls through the floor! The whole time Scully is pretending to hide her sniggers (but not really, 'cause she wants the world to know what an idiot he is). Lovely Hate moment for us all.

-- [ProzacQueen] She meant to shoot Mulder, who was behind Pfaster (right?). All of that sadness and angsting at the end? Because she missed Mulder and hit Pfaster. Darn her luck. In the blinding light of her hate, she aimed poorly.

-- [Eve] [Eve] Mulder: "I definitely feel like blasting the crap out of something."
(read: "You Scully! If you don't stop smirking at me, I'm going to wipe the floor with you...")

-- [Buckeygrl164] Mulder droning on about a potential X File, accuses Scully: You're not listening to me.
Scully: I am (wondering how is it that she hasn't listened to a darn word he's ever said, and he's just now noticing...)
*pause* I guess I just don't see the point (meaning that I already know there isn't one, so why should I waste my time listening to you when "The Postman" is replaying in my head, and I'd much rather listen to it?)
--Daniel (to Scully): I know you have a life now....
Scully: I don't know what I have...(but thanks to my socially inept moron of a partner, I couldn't exactly call it a life).
--Mulder: Hey, I was just looking for you (meaning Scully).
Oh, really? Well, he only just walked RIGHT PAST her! And he was moving rather quickly--obviously trying to escape before she spotted him, so that he wouldn't have to listen to her bitch, whine, complain, or drone one more minute than he's already obligated to.


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