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MASHEO stands for Mulder And Scully Hate Each Other. It is the name of a website, run by Greg Lawson (henceforth known as "Masheo Greg", among other things). In X-Files websites, you occasionally get "Shipper" or "Noromo" oriented websites. Shippers are generally the lot with the kissy collages and lurrrve and all this kind of thing. Noromos are, frankly, the others. There are few Noromo websites. But there's MASHEO -- and that's a start.

Do you really think they hate each other??? But, but, but ...
Generally, no, no one at MASHEO thinks they really hate each other. But it is fun to pretend.

What's CINA?
CINA stands for Completely Irrational Noromo Argumentation. It is a revolutionary tool of Noromoness. Basically, it involves arguing that Mulder and Scully hate each other, and giving the most twisted proof possible. Madness helps. Here is an example of CINA, typed the hand of Greg himself:

Yes, Mulder has made it all [his history] up, but the real question is: where does the syndicate fit in? Is not Mulder the secret Grand Poo-Bah of the consortium? Doesn't CSM actually get his orders from Mulder? (Clever of the X-files writers to try to fool the audience with all of Mulder's "Who are you really?" crap, huh?)
The insinuation is that Mulder has made up everything he has ever told Scully about himself and his past. Samantha? He never HAD a sister! Why? Because he HATES Scully! He's screwing with her head!!
See the fun of CINA? :-) Now there is a CINA section!

Do you hate Shippers?
Nope! If you come and visit MASHEO and leave an intelligent comment, recognising the fact that you do indeed understand that MASHEO is not serious, we will respond accordingly. If you visit and become terribly outraged and incensed, you are missing the point. If you decide to comment on MASHEO in your outraged state, it is recommended that you check: (a)the Spellcheck on your computer, (b)the intensity of the need for "creative" grammar and punctuation, and (c)the logic of your mind.

What's the deal with "mad and stupid"?
A while ago, there was a post from a Shipper who called herself "me Dana Scully who LOVES Mulder" entitled "all of you are mad and stupid". The contents of the post were nothing unusual, but for some reason it inspired us. Eve11 replied in her usual brilliant fashion, forever implanting in our minds the image of Scully at Emily's funeral, saying, "You are all mad and stupid!" (That also inspired the Ministries chaos, which is lots of fun, not to mention the Fake Posting!) Mad & Stupid (which can also be written as "M S" -- oooh!!! -- as Melanie pointed out) is now a favourite phrase of the Masheo devotees.
My theory is, we're all mad (nothing new), and anyone who tries to change our mind -- like Miss Dana herself -- is stupid.

What's the deal with all these spoiler warnings on episodes that have already aired? That's so stupid.
Maybe. Deal with it. I live in Australia and the other MASHEOites have taken it upon themselves to be nice to me and post spoiler warnings for all eps I haven't seen (about third through at the moment -- Easter). Occasionally I get hypocritical and read these messages anyway ... but if one ISN'T posted with a [sp] and it has a spoiler, just watch me get annoyed!

How can you spell simple words like "colour" and "favourite" and "grey" wrong and still get mad at Shippers for bad spelling?
It's called Queen's English, you Yankee elitist. :-P

Who or what is Gerry?
Gerry is the nickname for the official X-Files bulletin (message) boards at the official site. Generally inhabited by exuberant Shippers, it has been on a slow upward intelligence increase ever since Zippy91 (Melanie) took over the almost empty Kritchy folder and made it the Noromos'.

Kritschgau. Dead guy, hard name to spell. Kritchy! :-)

Can I use HTML tags?
Yes. Almost all of us use these there occasionally, and a lot of screw up every now and then. (Okay, I screw up every now and then.) Use at your own discretion -- remember to close all those italics tags!
Using them inside the "title", though, can lead to disasters.

What's with the pink? Come on! This is a HATE site!
Yes, but I *love* the Hate. :-) It's a theme. Go with it.

Is Masheo Support a part of the official MASHEO website?
Hell no! You think Greg condones this type of behaviour?! It is not endorsed by Greg or anyone. In fact, I'm completely oppsed to it, too.

For MASHEO and acompanying Discussion enthusiasts only. By a MASHEO fan, Brianna L.
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