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  This is an X-Files fan website, two or three times removed.

This website will make more sense if you have a poke around the following sites:


And the Discussion --

Okay. Now this site has, so far, about four parts. The first is the FAQ, so if right now you're going, "What's CINA? Are you really stupid? Do you REALLY think they hate each other???", check it out.

Secondly, we have Episodic CINA! That's right, Hate analysis for over 30 episodes! (Give me a break, this is the seventh damn season. We'll get there!) Oh, also -- some with extra cripsy detail!

Next we have the Theories of Hatred. How many are there? You'll be surprised. (BTW, it's meant to be doing some weird pop-up thing ... )

Lastly we have some Links. Links! Ah, how we love those things. Fun things to share and places to read and places to laugh ...

Okay, so, enjoy.
Brianna L [email protected]

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