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A few of us hang out at Gerry, the official X-Files message boards. Look for us in the Noromo folder. There are some Hate threads there, too, which is where many of the Episodic CINA bits came from. Those Gerry inhabitants know CINA by instinct. It's a truly wonderful thing when you have someone whose alias is "Dana Mulder" explaining some detailed Hate to you. :-)`````

Very important note: do not post URLs, particularly the MASHEO addie, at Gerry. They're on the hunt for sounds, piccies and videos, I believe. I'm guessing Greg probably didn't get around to asking for authorisation for the Proof by Sound.

Eve, that mathematical proof and MSTing genius, has a site called Eve11's Own Little Padded Cell, with her fanfic, sounds and links, among other things. Melanie has her own fanfic site, bizarrely titled A Weasel In The Chickenhouse. I'm not quite sure what that's supposed to imply ... but go and read about James anyway. ;-)

And join the Noromo_Stories mailing list!

Quite a few of us also read at Mary's "other" board, TMBATEOTU - The Message Board At The End Of The Universe, AKA the Endies board and AKA "Dawg's board". Dawg and other Endies even drop in on us from time to time.

When we do organise a MASHEO chat, we usually get together and do it at Poit, which is actually Elsie's site and completely unrelated to X-F and MASHEO. You might also find us reading at TXF Cabinet. When we can really be bothered, we go and play card games at Yahoo! Games, although that doesn't happen with any regularity. Oh, and PQ originally sashayed on over from the Bolt boards.

If you have a website, drop me a line sometime.


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