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Theories of Hate



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RedWingX's Pusher analysis
Kali_X_Phile's Post-Modern Prometheus analysis
KPhoenix's Fight the Future analysis
Kali_X_Phile's Mil lip-rubbing analysis


RedWingX: Let's start with Russian Roulette: first of all, give me a break with all the 'pushing' stuff, eh? That man couldn't push his will on anyone any more than I can! But Mulder saw the perfect opportunity to finally rid himself of his hated partner: lead everyone to THINK Modell could push people. Then Mulder could pretend he, himself, was being pushed. That way, no one would blame him when he, with a great amount of glee, shot Scully point blank in the face of his free will. Oh, yeah. Unfortunately for Mulder, Scully figured out his little plan ... but (unfortunately for her) not until she was already in the room with Modell and Mulder. After Mulder pulled the trigger on himself (Yes, Mulder hates her SO much he was willing to risk his own death for an opportunity to waste her) Scully's pleading "Mulder, no," wasn't an attempt to break through Modell's non-existent hold on Mulder. No, with that statement Scully was saying, "Don't tell me you're actually going to use this cheap trick of shooting me and blaming Modell. Really, that's even below you, loser." And that lone tear that ran down Scully's face at this time? It wasn't anger at Modell for doing this to Mulder, it was a moment of self indulgent anger at herself for not figuring out Mulder's little game earlier so she wasn't in this situation. Further, Mulder's hesitation at shooting Scully was NOT because he was trying to fight Modell's push--oh no, no, no. It was due to two things: first, he did it in an attempt to further convince the rest of the squat team who might be listening in of the false notion that he really didn't want to kill her. Secondly he did it because his total and complete lack of respect for Scully caused him to think that Scully wouldn't be able to figure out how to get out of the little trap he'd set for her. When she did figure a way out, he had no choice but to complete his charade by shooting Modell instead of Scully.

Now, that scene was pretty heavy on the Hate, but it's the scene in Modell's hospital room that really blows me away every time: when Scully comes in, Mulder shows his disdain for her by telling her, the medical doctor, to read Modell's chart then doesn't trust her enough to do even that so he, himself, gives Scully the rundown on Modell's medical condition. When Scully asks why Modell never got the tumor removed, Mulder tells her that Modell wanted to feel 'big' (as an aside, note the emphasis Mulder puts on the word 'big'--he's obviously taunting Scully about her height (or lack thereof) which he knows she doesn't like. But I digress ... ) Scully then glances down because she can't believe Mulder doesn't realize just how well, in her opinion, that description fits him, too -- always a nothing that wanted to be a something.

OK, now to the hand squeeze. This simple little gesture shows three -- count 'em three -- separate levels of Hatred (and how the writers cram all this meaning into this simple little gesture I'll never know):

-1) She's making physical contact to demonstrate to Mulder with one more of his senses that she's still alive -- that he failed in his stupid little attempt to kill her. So in this sense she's basically saying, "See me, hear me, and feel me. Yep, I'm still alive which makes you a loser and a failure."
-2) She's also physically expressing her pity for Mulder because he's such a nothing -- someone who's always wanted to be 'big' but ends up being someone who thought he could concoct a 'whammy' of a story that would place the blame of him shooting his partner on an innocent bystander. "How pathetic," she's saying. And imagine Mulder's point of view: he's receiving pity from someone he hates and just tried to kill! He would be absolutely infuriated by such pity! She, of course, knows that.
-3) She's making a silent promise with that squeeze of the hand: "One day, Mulder, I'll pay you back for this little stunt of yours and put you in the same place Modell is now -- or worse."

Post-Modern Prometheus dance

Kali_X_Phile: Now, anyone in their right mind would first and foremost ask: "Why would Mulder ask Scully to dance if he hates her?" It doesn't take much delving into the inner regions of Fox Mulder's brain to figure this one out. It goes like this: he knows Scully can't sing (Detour) and that she hates doing it. He was hoping that she couldn't dance, either, and was planning on embarassing her by asking her to do so.

Scully smiles at the offer because she CAN dance. If you replay the scene, you can tell that Scully is about to laugh- she realizes Mulder's plan and concocts a scheme of her own.

It's all in the camera angles, my friend... the viewer clearly sees their happy smiles at each other as they dance. What you DON'T see however, is what's most important! They are smiling because they are wickedly trampling all over each other's feet as they dance! Imagine Scully's 4-inch, super-thick heels impaling your toes- OUCH! That's her revenge on Mulder for trying to embarass her earlier.

Mulder responds in kind by also trampling on Scully's toes, but adds his own twist. He pulls her closer to him, treating her like an object- and the object of HIS affection, no less! What would disgust YOU more? Having to dance platonically with your enemy, or being locked in a sweaty embrace kind of dance with your enemy? The second, of course!

The smiles are obviously a result of all the fun they are having tormenting each other.

Fight the Future hallway scene

KPhoenix: ...maybe Mulder wasn't really pulling her close to kiss her ... maybe he knew the bee was there the whole time and was actually secretly applying honey or some other bee attracting substance to her neck ... his whole speech preceding the instance was brimming with potential Hate.

You make me a whole person -- translation... You can't leave ... torturing you gives my life meaning.

And Scully really meant, "You're so pathetic. Quit begging you desperate moron. I'm sick of your stupid paranoid theories! Bye bye LOOSEEER!"

And why does Mulder really go through all that trouble to rescue her? Simply to rub it in her face that she has been WRONG. He's like ... "Hello ... Miz Skeptic ... see alien ship right there ARE YOU BLIND! I cannot let you die until you admit I'm right." And ya know how he puts his cloths on her? It is not to keep her warm ... but rather because he's thinking ... "Uggg ... the last person I wanna see naked is you!"

And that scene at the end where she agrees to stay? She's like, "You only think your dream's coming true and you're getting rid of me! I'm going to stay and laugh at your theories forever! I enjoy bruising your self esteem you egotistical self absorbed jerk! Ha ha ha!"

Millennium lip-rub

Kali_X_Phile: Okay, they're standing in the hospital waiting room, watching the New Year's festivities on TV. Scully had just come to Mulder's rescue as he faced being mauled to death by zombies. Let's look at his state of mind- in the middle of his agony, his partner shows up, saves the day, and gets to be the hero. Now he's bandanged up and the pain medicine is kicking in. He realizes how much Scully must have enjoyed seeing him injured and brought to the hospital once again. He sees the couple kiss on TV, wondering how he can get some pay back. He looks over at Scully with this oh-so-snide-eyes-half-closed-judgmental expression. She's happy and content, staring at the TV.

What is she so happy about? Alone with her partner on the dawn of the new millenium in a hospital after being attacked by a zombie herself earlier in the day? NO WAY! She's remembering seeing Mulder, alone and in pain in that basement. Oh yeah, that memory of Mulder's agony is what's bringing that grin to her face!

Mulder gets an idea. How can he shatter Scully's mood? He leans in to whisper a snide remark/insult. Little does he know that Scully knows he's been watching her. She predicts his move and turns to face him. What follows next is a classical game of chicken. Both of them keep getting closer to a kiss, waiting for the other to back out. Whoever backed out would of course lose this round and be open to ridicule from the other (e.g. the FTF hallway scene- more on this some other time). However, their utter hate for each other causes them to go through with the lip-lock. Notice how Scully has to quickly close her eyes- the thought of kissing Mulder- yuck! She's closing her eyes and imagining some other guy, believe me!

Their "chicken kiss" isn't some little peck, either. You'll notice that Mulder is the one who leans in and keeps the kiss going. He's still trying to get back at Scully. What better way to do that than prolong the kiss in the hopes that someone in the hospital sees them? What would their colleagues at the FBI say if they saw Dana Scully making out with Spooky Mulder?

No tongue or passionate embrace. This is not a "I want you so bad" or "I love you and I've been waiting seven years to do this" kiss. This is a bitter contest between two enemies.

Then they separate. First let's analyze Mulder's expression. What's with that little smile? He considers himself the winner of their little game. If you look carefully, you can notice the subtle shaking of his head. He wants to gag and spit out the "Scully germs" he's just contracted. But in keeping with their game, he holds it in. Victory!

Next comes Scully's "smile," which can ONLY be called patronizing. It's obvious that she's dying to point out what a lousy kisser Fox Mulder is. However, she keeps this info to herself for now- could be useful blackmail later... She also restrains herself from gagging. The ball is now back in Mulder's court.

He is able to smile back, but can't resist commenting, "The world didn't end." By this remark it is clear that he had before only considered kissing Scully if she was the last moving thing on Earth at the end of time. He even throws in a smile, an obvious challenge to Scully.

"No, it didn't," she says, mirroring the hatred Mulder has just expressed. She smiles at the thought of this hate. Notice how she suddenly looks down and makes a strange breathing sound... whoa, Scully, having trouble keeping yourself from throwing up? That look on her face when she looks down is NOT happy, not the look of someone who just kissed her "soulmate." No, I can tell you what's running through her mind: "Breathe, Dana, breathe. If you run to the bathroom and throw up, he wins!" She's probably hoping the world DID end, so she didn't have to live with the memory of what just happened!

She manages to hold it in, but Mulder noticed her little recoil and he grins. Ha ha! When he then says, "Happy New Year, Scully," he is mocking her by flaunting his victory! She can't let him get away with that, so she replies, "Happy New Year, Mulder." But you can see the disappointment on her face. She's angry with herself for showing her weakness to him... but she recovers quickly, plotting her revenge. "Let him enjoy it while he can," she thinks, "I'll get back at him like I always do."

Mulder has one more surprise for his partner- while she is still contemplating her revenge, he throws his arm around her. One more advance he DARES her to resist. She's had enough for one night- notice how she manages to draw away from him as he holds open the door. Any more contact with Mulder and she WILL throw up!

That's all we see. But I'm sure Mulder AND Scully brush their teeth and rinse with mouthwash thoroughly and repeatedly once they get home. I think this "kiss" is a supreme example of just how far M&S will go in their hatred. That takes EXTREME willpower to kiss your mortal enemy and depart with a smile. I applaud their acting abilities. Clearly this kiss is not a "shipper" moment- it's NoRoMo all the way!


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