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Dr. Eggers, Julius

( * )


1917 - 1918
JFA Supervisory Board

Julius Eggers was technical director of the Hamburg Amerika Line in Hamburg. In 1917 he joint the supervisory board of Junkers Flugzeugwerke, where he became chairman in October 1917. After selling the Junkers shares in December 1918, Eggers left the supervisory board.

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Eichholtz, Konrad

( * 27. May 1900 + 07. Jan. 1964 )


1910 1912
Research Laboratories Aachen

???? - 1945 JFM Construction Office

Eichholtz was member of the construction office in the late 30s. He was engaged in the development of the Junkers EF77 airliner. During WWII Eichholtz continued his work on the Junkers Ju252. He was also the responsible type manager for the Junkers Ju90/290 during WWII. In 1946 he went to France and a joint a position at SNECMA, where he worked on questions regarding engine inlets and jet engine designs.

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( * )


1933 -
JFM Construction Office

Eichler was member of the construction office in the early 30s. Together with Pohlmann. Eichler was engaged in the development of the Junkers Ju60 airliner.

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Eimer, Helmuth

( * 28. March 1882 )


1928 - 1932
JFM Foreign Affairs i.e. Tomtas

Helmuth Eimer was the managing director of Fahrzeugfabrik Anspach since 1919. He joint Junkers Flugzeugwerke in February 1928 and became responsible for legal questions regarding foreign Junkers cooperations. He was engaged in the dissolvement of the Turkish Tomtas engagement, as well as for the Mitsubishi license contracts. In 1932 Eimer left Junkers Flugzeugwerke following the disputes in the top management area.

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Entler, Victor

( * )


1917 - 1918
Research Laboratories Dessau

Victor Entler joint the Research Laboratories of Junkers at Dessau in March 1917. He designed an undesignated aircraft (Drawing No. 1160 of May 1917). But already in 1918 he moved to the Klemm team at Daimler and in 1921 he worked with Sablatnig GmbH in Berlin. In November 1921 Entler founded his own aircraft facility, the Entler Flugzeugbau GmbH, where he designed the Entler E-II sport aircraft in 1922.

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Erfurth, Kurt A.

( * 23. June 1898 )


1913 - 1926
Research Laboratories Dessau

1926 - 1945
Junkers Motorenwerke

Kurt Erfurth joint Junkers + Co. in April 1913 at the Research Institute in Dessau. In February 1915 he joint the construction office and participated in the Junkers J1 developement. In 1916 he was engaged in the Junkers J7 center section developement and in 1919 he also participated in the Junkers F13 design. He also participated in the high altitude world record flight of the F13 in September 1919. From 1919 to 1926 he performed an engineering study at Junkers and since 1926 he was mainly engaged in the aircraft engine designs. In May 1942 Erfurth became chief engineer at Junkers Motorenwerke and was the responsible developement engineer of the Jumo 210, 211, 213. After WWII Erfurth was evacuated by the U.S. troops from Dessau and sent to the U.S.A., where he worked at the Aeronautical Research Laboratories at Dayton until 1965.

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Evers, Wilhelm Heinrich

( * 13.01.1884 - 1960 )


1935 - 1945
JFM Construction Office
(later also Production Manager)

Evers was born in Lamstedt, Germany and went to the USA when being 17 year old to learn a profession in the young automobile industry. He met Glenn Curtiss there and watched one of his first motor flights. He returned to Germany in 1910 to establish in 1912 his own aircraft company "Nordwestdeutsche Flugzeugwerke, Evers & Co., GmbH". His company filed for bankruptcy the next year and Evers went back to USA to join the Benoist Aircraft Company in St. Petersburg/Florida. Evers tried to return to Germany with the beginning of the First World War, but was interned by the french marine. 1917 he fled via Switzerland to Germany. He worked for the "Hanseatische Flugzeugwerke" until 1924 and returned to the USA again to join the Fokker Aircraft Corporation. There he worked as a test pilot and in construction. In 1935 he joined JFM on request of Koppenberg. Evers assisted Zindel in the detailled design questions of the Junkers Ju88. Later he took over positions in the production plant. Evers was evacuated from Dessau by american troops and returned to his birth town Lamstedt, Germany.

(Information was kindly supplied by Frank Burgdorf)

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