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- Script, Music/Lyrics, Rights Questions -

How can I get the script?
Due to copyright laws, the only legal way to get a complete version of the script is through TAMS. See the Introduction page for contact information.
How can I get the lyrics?
You have several options:
  1. See an online text version
  2. Download the .gzipped version (Tower Lyrics Archive)
  3. Contact TAMS (address on the Introduction page); they can send you a copy of the script/libretto for perusal.
  4. The reduced score for the movie version is commercially available. This may also be true for the Broadway music, I just haven't seen it yet.
What recordings are available?
Stage Versions
  1. Broadway (RCA Victor 51150)
  2. Australian Revival (Festival 30816)
  3. Germany (Polydor 833 103)
  4. German Revival (Polydor 521 322)
  5. Instrumental (Premier PRCD 1003)
  6. London (Polydor 519 973)
  7. London Revival (EMI 28110)
  8. Studio: HAIR - the musical (Bellaphon 999232)
  9. Studio: Highlights (TRING 295)
  10. DisinHAIRited
  11. London Revival: "Aquarius" (EMI 80973)
  12. German Revival: "Let the Sun Shine In" (Polydor 859 963)
  13. HAIR 1992 Live in Zurich (Broadway Musical Company)
  14. HAIR 1995 Live (Broadway Musical Company)
  15. Fresh HAIR (Polydor 245501)
  16. Das ganze HAIR -- Deutsche Original-Gesamtaufnahme M?ünchen (Polydor 2603 025) (Thanks to Ginger)
Movie Versions
  1. Original Movie Soundtrack (RCA 3274)
Other Versions (Thanks to Dana for numbers 2 - 4)
  1. The 5th Dimension: "Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In" (Arista)
  2. The Cowsills: "HAIR" (Unknown)
  3. Oliver: "Good Morning, Starshine" (Capitol)
  4. Three Dog Night: "Easy to be Hard" (MCA)
My theatre group wants to put on a production. What should we do?
You need to contact TAMS for the rights. Contact information can be found on the Introduction page.

- Concept Questions -

What does 3-5-0-0 mean?
Answer #1: According to James Rado, it represents the number of G.I. casualties (either per week or per month, he isn't sure) at the height of the Vietnam War. (Thanks to Jessica Kardos for this answer.)

Answer #2: Three-five-zero-zero, or the number three-thousand-five-hundred, is the number of Americans (Marines), who, on March 8, 1965, landed in Vietnam, the first ever to be specifically designated as COMBAT troops, thus marking a turning point, the official beginning of America's (or LBJ's) escalation of the War in Vietnam. (Thanks to Joseph Tioga for this answer.)

- Miscellaneous Questions -

Why do some HAIR logos dot the "i" with an infinity sign and have a subscript "1" at the end?
All productions of HAIR produced by Michael Butler carry these trademarks on the logo. (These were done originally by Jerry Ragni.) In addition, the show's cast ("the Tribe") selects a Native American name.

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