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Friday 21 February 2003.
The tourneys went slow tonight. We were barely able to get 2 of them in this week. Such is life. No CHAIR OF WOES people. It's all good, right? Well, Andy Benson is going strong these days....racking up the tourney wins like crazy. He picks up another win with David Campbell...that makes 2 weeks in a row for this high scoring duo. At the end of the night...Andy & Jonny August were working their way into the finals when the night was called. No Double Tourney Win for Andyon this night.

I've gotten a lot of good feedback on the webpages. I thank you all and keep up the good foos people. WHO LOVES FOOS????? I DO!!!!! No challenges were completed.
Next week, we'll see the new and up comer Jeremy Houston facing Davey Campbell. This should be a match of monumental proportions.
The New Look on the Rankings is as voted by the Associated Players. The AP Rankings Reflect a vote on invite 8 night Thursday 06 Feb 03. Being upset about your new spot will only make you look silly...and land you in the CHAIR OF WOES!!!!

Friday 14 February 2003.
First Off, Happy Valentine's Day to all you wonderful people out there. I'd get ya some candy..but, let's face probably really don't deserve it or really need it.
It was nice to have a quiet night at the old garage. Not a huge turnout and that makes it great for quick tourneys and GOOD TIMEZZZZ. Oh Yeah!!!!!!!
Both Andy Benson and Jonny Andres were able to pull off multiple wins tonight. Both won two tourneys while they played as foosin' partners.
A Special Thanks to Andrea Dixon for the treats this night. They were gone in a flash...tasty and potent...gotta love it.

Friday 07 February 2003.
Tonight was a long night of foosin. Mrs. DeGoeas was gone for the evening and we were able to play til dawn's early light....and, we did. The prolonged evening gave us a total of 4 tournaments...with a varied cast of champions. Again, James managed to reach the championship board with his first time partner Staci. Utilizing the bank shot...James was able to lead his team to victory over the team of Jonny August and David Campbell. What a disappointment this must have been for August and Campbell. For shame.
Newcomer, Jeremy Houston was able to take home the victory with the help of Eric Frame in the back. Jedi-Jer and For the Record Frame ran the tables like old pros. They played as if they had been partners all their lives. We'd like to see this pairing again real soon.

***Quote of the Night***
"I Wanna Be The Ted Williams Of Foosball...I Need To Be Averaging 400."
-- James "The Jackhammer From The Back"

Wait, isn't Ted Williams Frozen???
Personally, I think you should relax James and just have fun. Enjoy the games, the party and the good friends. Isn't that what Friday Foos is all about? GOOD TIMES
Tonight's Premiere Match between Andy Benson and Eric Frame was a heated one. While Eric had defense on his side, the massive offensive pressure of Andy was too much for him to handle. Benson moves to #9 and Frame drops to #10.
Next week, we'll see the new and up comer Jeremy Houston facing Davey Campbell. This should be a match of monumental proportions.


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