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German Roman Catholic Orphan Home
Formerly Located at 564 Dodge Street, Buffalo, New York
This website is dedicated to the thousands of boys and girls who at one time or another called 564 Dodge Street  "home".  Whether you were a resident for three  months, three  years or, as in some cases, more than a decade, you were a part of  the "family." 

The site is also dedicated to the good Sisters of St. Francis of Williamsville who served as our guardians throughout our time at the home and who taught us right from wrong and instilled within us good Christian values.

Anyone  associated  with 564 Dodge St. over the years  have been a integral part of our lives.   You could have been  a nun, a teacher, a super-visor, a scoutmaster, a classmate,  or just a friend, but for a brief  moment in time, you touched our lives.

Even though years have passed, we can still recall such  names as "Pop" Deinhart, Joseph Bleckinger, Miss O'Brien, Mr. Riley,  Walter Scott, Miss Burgasser,  Frank Abbott, Anthony  Weibel, George  Weinfurtner and so many others.

All of you touched our lives and molded us into the individuals we are today.  We thank you most sincerely for all that you gave to us.

Ralph A. Handley
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