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Continuing History of GRCO Is Still Under Construction - Please Bear With Us
The disastorous fire in January 1956 was the beginning of the end of the German Roman Catholic Orphan Home - a home for more than 15,000 children during its lifetime.
Following the fire and with the reassignment of many of the children to other locations, some had to be bussed to other sites for schooling.
There isin't one person who, as a resident of the Home anytime after the mid-1930s doesn' remember Fred "Pop" Deinhart.  He was the chauffer for the sisters, the bus driver for the residents and when he wasn't washing the vehicles, he was "cooking out" for us.  He served as a father figure for many of the children and I doubt that he has ever been forgotton by any of the children whose lives he touched.
Confirmation class in front of the Sacred Heart Chapel.  Circa is during the late 1940s.
Who says we didn't have fun?  Just ask Mike, Dave or Joe!
Sister Leona Marie poses with several of "her girls" following the Annual May Crowning Procession.
The graduating class of 1953 on their Senior Class Outing, pose with Sister Edna and Sister Joseph Clare in front of the Father Millet Cross at Old Fort Niagara.
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