The cornerstone of this new chapel was laid on June 19, 1938, by the Right  Reverend Monsignor William J. Schreck.  The sermon on the occasion was delivered by the Reverend Henry B. Laudenbach, LL.D.  On December 23, 1938, Bishop Duffy blessed the new chapel and celebrated the first Mass in what was called the Sacred Heart Chapel.  Constructed of red brick, the chapel was designed to harmonize with the main building.  A copper covered cupola surmounted by a Latin Cross is supported by a roof of soft Spanish tile.  The strength and stability of the edifice suggest the firm faith which prompted its erection.   
Drawing of the Exterior View of the Chapel which was located at the east end of the Main Building.
Above photo shows Bishop Duffy dedicating the Sacred Heart Chapel in 1938.  Left photot is an interior view of the Chapel.
    Happily the interior fulfills the promise given by the exterior.  Immediately upon entering the chapel one's eyes are focused on the high altar of colored marble, with a circular bronze tabernacle and handsome crucifix, flanked by six candlesticks.  All the statues are beautiful and devotional.  The side altars dedicated to the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph are made of delicately tinted marble with graceful flutings.  In a word there is beauty everywhere in this chapel whether seen by day or by night.  When the Psalmist long ago exclaimed, "How lovely  are thy tabernacles, O Lord," he might well have been looking down the centuries and beheld the beautiful chapel of the German roman Catholic Orphan Home.

     The advent of World War II with its consequent shortage of manpower and materials created a period of inactivity in the Improvement Program of the Home.  The result of the long-drawn-out conflict accentuated the need of many important improvements after the war was over.  These improvements were planned and begun immediately after the war when materials again became plentiful and skilled workmen were available.  They are still in progress.  Among these improvements we might mention the erection of a New boiler House.  Bids were opened and contracts signed for this project in December 1948.  By October 1949 the project was completed and in operation.  Due to the erection of this New Boiler House, the swimming pool nearby had to be demolished.
     At the April 1949 meeting of the Board of Directors, there were informed that the Second Regiment of the Knights of St. John of Buffalo, offered to erect a new swimming pool.  The gracious offer of the Knights was accepted by the board and they were authorized to proceed with their plans.  By May 12, 1949, the new swimming pool was started and by June 21st, it was ready to be dedicated.  A Military Program was arranged for the day of dedication.  Many representatives from different fraternal organizations and the city were invited.  After the outdoor celebration was completed, the guests were invited to the basement of the Auditorium where refreshments were served.  I am sure the present residents and those of the future will be eternally grateful to the Second Regiment of the Knights of St. John of Buffalo.
   The swimming pool donated by the Knights of St. John of Buffalo got plenty of use during the summer months.  In the top photo on the right, a younger boys group has their picture taken.  In the bottom photo, Lifeguard, William Schmitz, gives swimming lessions to a group of girls.
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