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A photo of the GRCO Junior Boys Band (Circa 1935).  Many thanks to Mr. James Weibel, son of Anthony "Willy" Weibel who was a member of the band.  "Willy" and other members of his family entered the home around 1919.  After graduation and a tour in the military Willy came back to the home first as a maintenance man and in later years became a carpenter-cabinetmaker.  He brought his son James with him during trips to the home.  Three of Willy's biological sisters became Sisters of St. Francis (See Former Residents).
The Class of 1949
Shown in the graduating class of 1949 are (l to r) front row, Geraldine Dolan, Myrna Fox, Margaret Maloney, Dorothy French, Catherine Fleming; 2nd row, Charles Young, Carol Cathcart, Kathleen Garrity, Cecilia O'Conner, Lucille Salzman, and George Todaro; 3rd row, Leo Mistle, Rodney Bauer, Lawrence Connors, Louis Mucciaccio, John Newton, and Richard Schwerfeger.  (Photo through the courtesy of Myrna Fox-Knop)
John Handley serves Mass with Fr. Augustine J. Crotty as celebrant in the Sacred Heart Chapel..
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