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Jerry Watson, Bravo Company, was one of 12 Purple Heart recipients whose name was drawn for a return trip to Vietnam by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  A group photo and article appear in the August 2005 VFW Magazine.

From our Honorary Colonel, Gerald Griffin:

In mid-September I am riding my Motorcycle to San Diego in support of my son's Trust Fund that is sponsoring a 'Harley Davidson Poker Run in San Diego'. The money raised from the ride and the Poke Run will go to support the San Diego Children's Hospital, the Children's Scholarship Fund and the Annual Toys for Children Program. I am making this journey to raise money for the Trust Fund and would like your support. This ride is something that my son always talked about making, but never found time to do. I just reached my 69th birthday last Sunday, so it's now or never if this ride is to happen. My goal is to raise $1000.00. Send all contributions to: Checks should be made out to SDPOA Charity Fund with G. Griffin Fund on the memo line.


Jan Lane / SDPOA
8388 Vickers Street
San Diego, CA 92111

PS. Please pass this on and help me make my goal.

From Lonnie Moore:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would just like to send a thank you out to all of those who donated to soldier ride and to those who took the time to forward my last e-mail out to friends and family. The ride was a complete success. I only wish I could have participated for the whole ride. I did have the honor of doing Denver to Kansas City, the DC area to include Annapolis and Baltimore, and NYC. Everywhere we went, the welcome was phenomenal.

There were 3 individuals that rode every mile from San Diego to Montauk, New York. They were quite the inspiration. One of them was a retired Staff Sergeant who lost both of his legs above the knee in Iraq. He rode a hand bike every mile of the way. If that isn't dedication and inspiration, I do not know what is.

As of now we have raised approximately 500,000 dollars which is a far cry of the 5 million we were hoping to raise to continue supporting the injured soldiers coming home, but raising anything is a success in my mind. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for giving out of your pockets. Whether you gave 1 dollar of 10,000 dollars, every dime is appreciated. I wish you all the best and God Bless everyone of you. Hope to hear from you soon. If you would like to see pictures of the ride go to www.soldierride.org and click on Daily Journal/Pictures. It gives a little insight into the ride.
Thanks again,

On Saturday, 18 June 2005, Jason Webb of Delta Company participated in the Sniper Shoot Tactical Competition at Wyandotte, Oklahoma and won second place.  See photo.

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