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Republic of Eslo
It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Department of The Interior of The Republic of Eslo.  If you do not know what The Republic of Eslo is, you have come to the right place. 
The Republic of Eslo is a Micronation.  Micronations are imaginary countries that have their own political and social systems.  Eslo is a micronation that tries new policies and suggests how they might affect real countries if they were to be implemented, but without the risk.  There are many other micronations that exist for a variety of purposes.  The Republic of Eslo was initially founded to provide environmental and social protection to the natural rain forest and its inhabitants.  Eslo works hard to make effective and efficient policy making.
For the latest on Eslo, we invite you to view the Royal Report for the first quarter of 2001.  This is an outline similar to the American "State of the Union" address. 

The Department of the Interior is in charge of social planning policy in within Eslo.  We are the most important of the government secretariats.  The Department of the interior governs over elections, taxes, foreign residency, employment, social welfare etc...
We are also in charge of preserving the Eslo's National Symbols.  These are, the National Anthem, The Flag, and The National Seal of The Republic of Eslo.
On behalf of the Eslonian government, I hope that you find the information below informative and useful.
Once again, Welcome.
-Hon. Ronald J. Allan
Secretary of The Interior
Geography and Information of Eslo
The Flag
The National Anthem
The National Seal
Executive Power
Main National Internet Portal
Residency Application
Electoral Method
What Eslo is doing against terrorism
Record of FAQ's regarding official policies
History of Eslo
Department of Culture
Department of Foreign Affairs
Department of Transportation
Department of the Environment
Department of Agriculture
Department of Health
Department of Tourism
Department of Communication
Department of Justice
Department of Defense
Department of Commerce
Department of Humaity and Auditory Administration

Foreign Diplomats' information page
Republic of Eslo
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