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In this section are included not only the standard Philips games, but also the complete collection released by the dutch company until 1984.

Philips released games up to 60, the "holy grial" Trans American Rally. This is a picture of a complete Philips collection:

Note that in these pictures games 15 and 58 are not the european standard variations; those are french (15 has only french manual and 58 has no Philips name and logo on front cover). If you have spares of them and want to trade or sell, please contact me.


Complete Philips collection


Some closer pictures:

Philips Videopac 1 - 33

Philips Videopac 34 - 60

Not including the plus games, this is a picture of a complete european standard collection:

Philips standard games: 1-47 (except boxed 41, 42, 46)


Comparison: Philips Videopac and Philips VG5000:

Just for curiosity I bought a game for the Philips VG5000, the computer made by Philips after the Videopac system, and before their MSX. This game is number 3: US Rallye, and is the VG5000 version of Trans American Rally, Philips Videopac 60:


Numbered as 3, this french game was one of the earliests games for the VG5000 system

A tape replaces the cartridge, and putted into a plastic inlay.

Side by side, both covers are very similar

Insides of both games

VG5000 games came also with indexcart

Detailed backside of the plastic box: 130 FF, 20 eur


Last update: November 9, 2008

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