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http://videopac.nl/forum/index.php - This is today the most active forum for the Videopac scene. Here you can find a lot of information about Videopac, but also some experts and/or collectors who can help you in any detail. Ask about everything!


http://www.retrocomputermuseum.nl/Museum/Philips%20videopac/Videopacs%20list.txt - The Videopac/Odyssey2 Cartridge list by Maurice BuckyB Simon is the essential tool for any serious Videopac collector. Last updated on Jannuary 2006, it needs an update, but in this list you can find almost all games and consoles released by Philips (or Magnavox) in Europe, USA, Canada and Brazil, with reference numbers.


http://www.geocities.com/rene_g7400/ - Ren� van den Enden's videopac website. Any technical problem can be solved by him. A lot of hardware information and a big collection of games, including two prototypes of never released Odyssey3: Odyssey Command Center. Ren� is the programmer of Pong and Calculator, but also co-programmer of Route 66 (with Rafael Cardoso).

http://www.videopac.com/ - George Hayward has the biggest Videopac collection showed on internet. Very well classified, there you can find his collection of many consoles and an impressive collection of european releases, including an almost complete Radiola collection, many Siera and Jopac cartridges, paperbox variations...

http://www.bas-ditta.info/videopac/ - Bas Kornalijnslijper videopac pagina. A lot of pictures of his collection, including rare stuff as japanese games, so many variations of boxed games (master strategy series and videopac 31), a big collection of Siera, european standard games, canadian and US variations, some Radiola, Jopac, consoles, prototypes and a huge collection of paperware (books, posters, adverts)...

http://www.videopac.nl/ - Lilian & Robert's videopac collection, with some screenshots of european releases. Here also you can find our forum, where a lot of videopac fans are active.

http://www.videopac-home.nl/ - Mano's videopac collection website, with some scans of covers.

http://www.pressanybutton.nl - Steelball's & Jansen new videopac webite, including some nice pictures and very rare games such a big Siera collection (with a Siera A!!) and prototypes.

http://members.lycos.co.uk/philipsverzameling/ - Not updated since 2003, this site was made by Roland Remie, a Philips collector. In his Videopac section you can find some nice pictures of rare items such a complete C7420 or a CSV set.

http://www.xs4all.nl/~buckyb/ - BuckyB has this little ftp with some very nice pictures of rare Videopac stuff: japanese games, a pin never seen before, the Commander ROM train wagon, a complete Radiola A... and some pictures of his game room.

http://www.compcons.eu/ - pdmelo site, who collects old computers and consoles, and specially Videopac, with a big collection of games. A very nice site, with all his games in only one page.

New games:

http://www.classic-consoles-center.at - Dieter K�nig's Classic Consoles Center website has a lot of information about Videopac and many other old systems. Dieter also released Flash Point and Shark Hunter (sold), but also Tutankham (still available), a new covert art for Spiderman and the new release Martian Threat, Videopac 67. There you can also download the Videopac Truetype font.

http://www.bas-ditta.info/videopac/ - at Bas' website you can order a copy of Spiderman second edition and the new Videopac 68: Melrep.

http://www.tedfoolery.com/ - Ted Szczypiorski is the programmer of Planet Lander, Mr Roboto and Puzzle Piece Panic. In development... Pick Axe Pete 2!! For buying these games, see link below.

http://www.packratvg.com/ - Here you can order copies of new games such as Pong, Calculator, Puzzle Piece Panic, Planet Lander, Mr Roboto and Kill the Attacking Aliens.

http://www.classicgamecreations.com/ - John Dondzilla's homepage, creator of Amok (a new game) and the essential Multicart 128-in-1, with almost all Videopac games, including new releases of founded prototypes, but also never released games. Some games are missing, but with that cartridge you can play in a real console, much better than an emulator.

http://odygames.blogspot.com/ - Rafael Cardozo's blogspot dedicated to the brazilian Philips Odyssey with some ROMs of new games never released as cartridge, including plus versions of Quest for the Rings and Powerlords.


http://o2em.sourceforge.net/ - The Odyssey emulator is O2EM, originally programmed by Dan Boris and now developed by Andr� de la Rocha. Here you can download the emulator and a front-end. For games you can go to Ren�'s website.

http://ttear.berlios.de/home.php - Take the Emulator and Run! is a new emulator, in devolopement, by Fernando Tarl� Cardoso Lemos, fernandotcl.

General info:

http://www.videopac.org/ - Richard Page's Videopac site, with a huge amount of information of our loved console. It also contains a forum in wich can be found a lot of collectors.

http://www.thelogbook.com/phosphor/odyssey2/ - Phosphor Dot Fossils has a section with one of the biggest Odyssey2 information sites. It's full of flash-videos and reviews of Odyssey2/Videopac games.

http://odysseymania.classicgaming.com.br/ - Marcelo Ribeiro has this very interesting site about Odyssey, the brazilian release of Videopac. A lot of info of all the brazilian games, some of them only released there. In portuguese.

http://www.ozyr.com/ - Scans of all the american magazines (Odyssey Adventure), a lot of manuals, cheats and more interesting info on this great ozyr's website.

http://odyssey2.classicgaming.gamespy.com/ - The Odyssey2 Homepage was born in 1997 and since then a lot of information about Odyssey2 (and then also Videopac and brazilian Odyssey) has been included. A lot of interesting sections, the Game Database, the Quest for the Rings section... You can spend there a lot of time!

http://www.silicium.org/console/philips/vpac_historique.htm - An early french site done by the releasers of Videopac 61 - Interpol, with some scans and info. Also there is a little Jopac section, and a worst-5 section. In french (Interpol section also in english).


http://www.visionnet.nl/content/retro%20gaming/consoles/videopac.php - This site has a little of information about Videopac, with some screenshots.

http://www.gameforever.fr/?page=videopac - A french article about the Videopac, who was sold in France since 1987. From 1978 to 1987... 10 years of our loved console! In french.

http://www.grospixels.com/site/videopac.php - Another little french article about Magnavox Odyssey and Odyssey2. In french.


http://soeren.informationstheater.de/g7000/ - The creator of the new game Kill the Attacking Aliens, Soeren Gust, has a technical information site about Videopac (and other systems). To start learning programming Videopac software.

http://atarihq.com/danb/ - Dan Boris is the programmer of O2EM, an Odyssey2 emulator, now developed by Andr� de la Rocha. At Dan's website you can find a lot of info and technical files.

http://www.guttenbrunner.com/videopac/ - Mark Gruttenbrunner has a site with more information and a couple of tools for developers.

Other links:

http://www.videogamecritic.net/odd.htm - A lot of rated reviews of Videopac/Odyssey2 games.

http://www.bermuda.ch/balduin/videopac/videopac.html - Balduin has made this excellent site that contains almost all of the english manuals (when availuable) for the videopac games. He has taken info from other sites (all included here) and with some new scans, all are in pdf format.

http://www.datacassete.com.br/revistas/odyssey.htm - Scans of all the 8 brazilian magazines Odyssey Aventura.

http://vg5k.free.fr/index.php?gosub=sEJ-gF15F]dX_nY8zA-4eCwE - The VG5000 was the next system that Philips produced in 1984-86. In this section you can find some interesting comparisons between VG5000 and Videopac games.


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