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Welcome to my Videopac collection. This is not a generalist Videopac website, but only of my collection, what was started in july 2007. For more information about Videopac, please see the Links section. Videopac is also known as Magnavox Odyssey2 in the US and Canada, and Philips Odyssey in Brazil.
I still have my old Philips Videopac G7000 from 1981 with my original 9 games, but last two years I have acquired some games, catalogs, club magazines and some other Videopac stuff.

I'm not a big collector of old computers and consoles; I only collect Videopac (I have many other consoles and old computers, but I really don't collect them). If you have games, paperware or some other Videopac/O2 stuff wich is not in this website and you want to sell or trade them, please contact me.

Needs an update, here are some pictures of my half game room -december 2008- (all french and Radiola stuff out of here in the picures, but also Magnavox Odyssey2, french plus and paperbox Radiola are now in the attic, my other half game room):


Siera, new releases, Jopac, homebrews, Imagic, Parker --- Magnavox O2, boxes --- French plus, brazilian, canadian, Radiola paperbox


Rare plus games (with complete european collection) --- Japanese Pick Axe Pete --- Rare german "V"


Philips Videopac 1-33 --- Philips Videopac 34-60 --- Siera games (to update 14, 38 and loose 13, 21, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30)


Radiola Videopac 1-18 (to update 13, 17) --- Radiola Videopac 19-47 (to update 26, 31, 45, 47) --- Jopac games (to update Magibrick, Moto Crash+, Exojet+)


New releases --- Magnavox Odyssey 2 (to update 6 games) --- C7010 (to update S, P, E)

Last additions:
(some of the lastest additions could not be updated yet on pictures)

May 2009

Radiola Videopac: 13, 26

Card: 49-Turtles

Advert: italian G7000 advert

Advert: 3 little italian adverts (G7000/G7400)

April 2009

Siera Videopac: 38

March 2009

Siera Videopac: 14

Siera Videopac (manual missing): 13, 21, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30

Advert: Philips C52 (France)

Catalog: Philips Videopac G7000 (UK) -games 1-16, Philips Videopac G7000 (UK) -games 1-34/A-, Philips Videopac (UK) -games 1-43-

More paperware: warranty card (UK), Club G7000 membership invitation (UK)

February 2009

Jopac: Magibrick, Exojet+

Radiola Videopac: 47

Philips Videopac France: 13, 23

Plugin: C7010 (S, P, E)

Brazil: Buraco Negro!

January 2009

New releases: 61 (Interpol), 62 (Clay Pigeon)

Jopac: Moto Crash +

Philips Videopac french plus: 50

Box: 41 spanish variation (La Conquista del Mundo)

Radiola paperbox: white paperbox Radiola 01

Shiny paperbox: 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 10, 12

Matt paperbox: 04, 05, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

Pin: "I took control of the Philips G7000" (UK)

Console: Radiola Jet 47

December 2008

Magnavox Odyssey2 (US): Conquest of the World, K.C.'s Munchkin, Pick Axe Pete, Quest for the Rings, UFO

Console: Magnavox Odyssey2

Box: [Odyssey2: Conquest of the World, Quest for the Rings]

Philips Videopac french plus: 38

November 2008

New release: 67 (Martian Threat)

Jopac: Chez Maxime, Cosmos+, Le Trésor Englouti +

Philips Videopac France: 03

Magnavox Odyssey2 (US): I've got your number, Showdown in 2100 AD, Thunderball

Magnavox Odyssey2 (Canada): Keyboard Creations

Catalog: Philips Videopac 83 (Netherlands), Philips Videopac 83-84 (Netherlands)

Sticker: Philips Videopac 39-Freedom Fighters

Poster: Philips Videopac 1-53 (small)

Manual: Schneider 74+

October 2008

New release: 64 (Shark Hunter), 68 (Melrep)

Radiola Videopac paperbox: 12, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

Magnavox Odyssey2 (US): Armoured Encounter/Subchase, Computer Golf, Cosmic Conflict

September 2008

New release: 63 (Flash Point)

Radiola Videopac: 17, 31, 45

Siera Videopac: 11

Radiola Videopac paperbox: 13

Box: The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt (with german manual), 41 french variation (La Conquête Du Monde)

August 2008

Philips Videopac french plus: 01, 22, 43, 49, 56

Philips Videopac France: 09, 30

Philips Videopac (UK): 51

Philips Odyssey (Brazil): Come-come, Demon Attack, Duelo no velho oeste, Futebol electronico, Popeye

Magnavox Odyssey2 (US): Alien Invaders - Plus, Football, Invaders from Hyperspace, Las Vegas Blackjack, Speedway/Spin-Out/Crypto-Logic, War of Nerves

Magnavox Odyssey2 (Canada): Pick Axe Pete, Thunderball

Philips VG5000: US Rallye (VG5000's Trans American Rally)

Advert: Killer Bees flyer (US)

Odyssey2: Official Scorepad (US)

Catalog: Odyssey2 3358-1, Philips Videopac G7000 (UK) -games 1-36 (1981)

July 2008

Japanese: Pick Axe Pete

Siera Videopac: 22, 27

Magnavox Odyssey2 (US): Alpine Skiing, Baseball, Blockout/Breakdown, Casino Slot Machine, Freedom Fighters, Hockey/Soccer, Math-a-magic/Echo, Pachinko, Volleyball

Advert: Philips Videopac (Germany) -games 1-26 (1981)

Soon at home

Homebrews: Kill the Attacking Aliens, Calculator, Pong, Planet Lander, Mr. Roboto, Puzzle Piece Panic

Brazil: Abelhas assassinas, Acerte seu numero, Bacara, Barricada/Demoliao, Come Come II, Conflito cosmico, Didi na mina encantada, Formula 1/Interlagos/Crypto-logic, Invasores do cosmos, Matemagica/Jogo da memoria, Senhor das trevas, Super Cobra

Last update: May 25, 2009


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