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Radiola Videopac

Radiola (La Radiotechnique) released games only in France.
The Radiola Videopac and the french versions of Philips Videopac are the same games than european standard variations, but there are some little differences: in cartridge label and, of course, cover and manual, but also some differences in ROMs: in 21 french games (Radiola and french variations) the texts on screen are only in french (see the French standard section).

Radiola Videopac games can only be found in France, but they are not as rare as Siera Videopac.

Radiola collection:
01-40, 44-45, 47

Released games: 01-40, 43-45, 47 (in catalogs and posters appear games never released by Radiola: boxed 41, 42 and 46, the chess module C7010, games 48 and 49 in plus box but in blue instead of red, and plus games 51, 52, 53 -note that 50, a later release, does not appear)

Missing: 43


Radiola collection, july 2008.Click to enlarge.
To update: Radiola 13, 17, 31, 45, 47


Two detailed pictures from my Radiola collection. Click to enlarge.



Five more Radiola games are now in my collection: 13, 17, 31, 45 and 47. Here are some pictures of Radiola 31 and Radiola 45:


Complete Radiola 31 (Musicien) and Radiola 45 (Morse), two of the rarest Radiola.Click to enlarge.

Two different variations of Radiola Videopac 1, with Radiola text in black (white background), and in white (black squared background):


As I know, four games were released by Radiola in this different cover with white Radiola text and black background:


I still need two Radiola games to complete this section: 26, 43. If you want to trade/sell one of those, please contact me.


44 games // 43 having // 1 missing

Last update: May 26, 2009

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