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Jopac games were released only in France, and they are the rarest to find (and of course not the cheapest).
There are some games released also by Philips (Acrobats, Armada, Catapult+, Cosmos+, Golf, Grand Prix+, Legion, Magibrick, Mith & Math, Monster, Satellit+), some other are original plus versions of Imagic (Demon Attack+) and Philips (Baby Foot+, Basket Bowling+, Biliard+, Flipper+, Laser+ and Stadium+).
Only these games were only released by Jopac: Chez Maxime, Des Chiffres et des lettres, Exojet+, Le Tr�sor Englouti+, Moto Crash+ and Syracuse.


Jopac collection:

Jopac collection, november 2008
To update: Exojet+, Magibrick, Moto Crash+

Catapult+, Chez Maxime, Le Tr�sor Englouti+, Syracuse, Flipper+,
Cosmos+, Demon Attack+, Satellit+, Basket Bowling+, Grand Prix+
...and never released Jopac Bunny+, prototype found!


Jopac games released: (and Philips Videopac equivalence)

(*) Acrobats (33)
(*) Armada (4)
(*) Baby Foot + (27)
Basket Bowling + (6++)
(*) Biliard + (35++)
Catapult + (20+)
Chez Maxime (^)
Cosmos + (11+)
Demon Attack + (Imagic Demon Attack ++)
(*) Des Chiffres et des Lettres (^)
Exojet + (^)
Flipper + (24++)
(*) Golf (10)
Grand Prix + (1+)
(*) Laser + (18)
Le Tresor Englouti (^)
(*) Legion (30)
Magibrick (29)
(*) Mith & Math (13)
(*) Monster (22)
Moto Crash + (^)
Satellit + (34+)
(*) Stadium + (36)
Syracuse (^)

(*) missing

(^) only released as Jopac game
(+) equivalence on Philips plus game
(++) plus game only released by Jopac

24 games // 13 having // 11 missing

In some websites maybe you can find a Jopac Western +. This game was never released. It appears in some boxes of original Brandt Jopac consoles and reference number was reserved, but no one has been found, no one was ever produced.

Last update: February 4, 2009

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